God Hates Bullies And So Do Genuine Christians (just the sin, not the sinner)

By: David Stouvenel

Mark 13:9 But take heed to yourselves: for they shall deliver you up to councils: and in the synagogues ye shall be beaten: and ye shall be brought before rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them.

The most cowardly, self-centered act of violence is the murder of the innocent pre-born babies. Let’s begin an investigation today to determine the legal, political, financial, moral and spiritual first causes that weakened, then eliminated the laws that protected women and children from serial rapists and murderers. The several laws that provided this protection originated with the Comstock law.(http://law.jrank.org/pages/5508/Comstock-Law-1873.html) Assuming you have just finished the article at the link, it is obvious to all that there has been a lowering of the Christian standard by the “supreme court” regarding the law that protected our society from moral degenerates and enemy revolutionaries.

This blog is primarily intended for White Veteran American Nationalist Men that are genuine Christians, because the legal attack is directed at us, and the enemy has for a very long time understood that if he tried to pick a fair fight against a White Christian Man he would lose. So he devised a strategy to invade our homes through our mailboxes by weakening our protective laws by arguing that the sale of foul speech and filth speech were protected by the first amendment, and that ” you can not legislate morality”. Now, the evil genius thinking in all of this is that it is all being advanced in the name of liberation.

The contention that “you can not legislate morality” is a canard and a cruel hoax. When you set aside the time to pray for wisdom and think about that statement critically and analytically you will come into agreement with me that all legislation is moral in nature.The moral standard of a genuine Christian is very different than the moral standard of Muslims that are attempting to impose dictatorial, murderous shariah law or the moral standard of a Marxist terrorist, but they are moral standards, though they are very different. When all distractions and fallatious arguments are eliminated the final question is this: Will those of us that are descendents of the White Christian majority stand against this anti-Christian Judeo-talmudic (Article) legalism or will we demand the strict enforcement of the Comstock law and it’s derivatives in the several states, and the repudiation of all of the “supreme court” decisions that militate against Christianity, Family security, genuine national security and privacy. These junk “supreme court” decisions relied heavily on a fraudulent “scientific” report that was supervised and conducted by a sexual deviant named Alfred Kinsey. His 1948 book titled Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male was full of information that was either a volume of lies or a confession of some of the most pathetic and anti-human criminal activity possible, including molesting babies and children.

The best book available regarding this enemy sodomite is titled Kinsey:Crimes & Consequences by Dr. Judith A. Reisman, PhD. This book is available at the website RSVPAmerica (http://www.rsvpamerica.org/). To get a brief description of how the perversion by perverts of our protective law was implemented it is necessary to click on the link in the previous sentence, then click on the about us button, then read that page very carefully.

The book Kinsey:Crimes and Consequences can be ordered from RSVPAmerica. Chapter 8 in this book is 73 pages of factual information everyone needs to know immediately so we can effectively fight back and win.

Tomorrow on this blog we will look at the political Judeo-talmudic chicanery.

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