Operation Restore Christian America 4/16/2011

The beginning of the show today was a reflection by Mr. Stouvenel on what the motivating force was at Waco, Texas 19 April, 1993 when the holocaust ( whole burnt offering of Christians) happened. It was initiated fifty years to the minute (9 a.m.) after the Warsaw holocaust ( whole burnt offering of Jews). This terrible, violent crime that was perpetrated by the sodomite Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno and others against American Christians must be understood as a new age pagan “sacred terrorism” conducted by sodomites and their fellow gangster-terrorists. It is also necessary to understand that the U.S. “federal” government is a sub-branch of the City of London Corporation.

The show continued by identifying a sodomite California judge named Vaughn Walker that is attempting to tear down our Christian standard. David reveals the fact that there has never been a “gay” gene discovered, and that the anti-American sodomite terror-gangsters know this to be true. The book by Ryan Sorba titled The Gay Gene Hoax is recommended to everyone. The important Johnson v M’Intosh 1823 case is also named as necessary to read and understand.


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