Operation Restore Christian America 5/14/2011

The main topics of conversation for today’s show were the abuses being perpetrated by the synagogue of satan AKA British “royals” against all of the people that are not “royal”. Several recent news articles and history facts were explained. One of the largest abuses by the British synagogue of satan is the ongoing attempted theft of 210,000 square miles of territory in the Indian ocean known as the Chagos islands. Concern about the continuing murder of the innocent pre-born and the torture of British Muslims on behalf of the “queen’s” depopulation program were expressed. Also, it was mentioned that 96.1 FM at Toronto will begin broadcasting the show next week as a result of popular demand. Please visit www.genuinechristianitynow.com and click the button titled sodomite terrorists to read Mr. Ryan Sorba’s pre-publication ebook titled The “Born Gay” Hoax.


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