Operation Restore Christian America 7/30/2011

Mr. Tom Shiflett joined me today to continue bringing to the attention of the American people and listeners on the internet world-wide the blatant violations of rules of procedure and rules of evidence during the David Hinkson trial. The ebook titled A Cesspool of Judicial Corruption – The David Hinkson Story can be read or reviewed at no cost at my website www.genuinechristianitynow.com under the button by that title. An archive of the show can also be listened to at this website. Please join my effort to demand a new trial for David that is fair, open to the public, and in the process, help restore fair trials for others as a consequent result. Leonard Peltier has been in prison for almost 30,000 days.


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    Helpful info! I have already been seeking something similar to this for quite a while now. Thanks!

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