August 27 radio show

The subject matter for the August 27 radio show is the take-over of Washington Mutual (WaMu) by J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. in September 2008, and the court case that has been filed recently . David gave a brief factual history about the establishment of the predecessor of J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. being a tool of the British “crown”.

The name of the original bank that eventually became J.P. Morgan Chase and Co.was George Peabody and Co. that Mr. Peabody established in London in 1835. At the Wikipedia website for George Peabody there is information that reveals his connection in London for his banking start was Nathan Mayer Rothschild. This Wikipedia page is a must read for all Americans to equip themselves to the fact that the British “royal’s” establishment of banking pirate organizations here are very deeply entrenched, and the early involvement of the “queen’s” Jewish banking pirates is a fact. The court case is:

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co  v  Federal Deposit Insurance Corp et al; U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, No. 09-1656.  Washington Mutual had 500 billion in deposits and assets as of June 2008, and the “queen’s” banking pirates “bought” this somewhat distressed bank for a paltry 1.9 billion. This is blatant theft under color of law!

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