September 3, 2011 Radio Show

The host of the radio show, Operation Restore Christian America, Mr. David Stouvenel, revealed several important facts on today’s show about how the Protestant Freemason British Monarchy has built their global terror network, especially over the last 450 years. He traces the primary instigators of the violence and chaos in our world today to the first “queen” Elizabeth and her highly intelligent occultist John Dee. John Dee was the original secret agent 007 that inspired the subsequent books by Ian Fleming. For detailed information about this Egyptian pyramidal slave and terror system that was formerly known as the British Empire until it received a name change to the British Commonwealth, please visit  www,  and order your copy of the very revealing book  ANTICHRIST AND THE GREEN PRINCE. The only way we can together throw off this red and green terror network is to first understand their methods of operations, and the fascist, globalist terrorist organizations they are leading.


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4 comments on “September 3, 2011 Radio Show
  1. Edison says:

    Fine knowledge! I have been hunting for everything like this for some time these days. Thank you!

  2. The GOP and big business has used immigrants for years to build this country for slave wages and no benefits.They are fork-tongued.

  3. Awfully educational bless you, I presume your trusty visitors will likely want a lot more posts such as this carry on the great effort.

  4. Gabriel Cole says:

    Highly useful cheers, I reckon your current readers will likely want considerably more articles such as this carry on the great effort.

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