September 17, 2011 Radio Show

After speaking the words Jesus Christ said that are recorded at Matthew 24:4, ” Take heed that no man deceive you”  I introduced a very important question to begin the show today. The question is, ” Democracy, to what end?”  After bringing this important question on air, the remainder of the show was spent by identifying one of the Federalist Papers (no. 10), and reading excerpts from it that bring into focus the apprehensions James Madison had about democracy. Some of the present day public figures that were identified during the broadcast are: Democrat representative Ron Kind  (Wis.3rd district), Democrat Hillary Clinton, Democrat Bill Clinton, “prince” Charles Windsor, “queen” Elizabeth Windsor, Al Gore, and others. These people are some of the globalists that other talk radio hosts only refer to as “them” or “they”.  I suggest that we organize in small criminal activity arrest squads and employ democratic principles for the arrest of the criminal activities of these drug smugglers, proxy mass murderers, proxy serial murderers, and war profiteers.  Mr. David Stouvenel
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