February 25, 2012 Radio Show

Today the show was filled with necessary reports and information about subjects ranging from the progress of the prosecution of Upper Big Branch Mine conspirators, Brother Nathanael Kapner’s comments on who is behind the firing of Pat Buchanan, several quotes from the 1823 Johnson v M’Intosh supreme court opinion, the royal Windsor crime family and much more. For insight into the royal Windsor crime family, make sure to order a copy of ANTICHRIST AND THE GREEN PRINCE at  www.genuinechristianitynow.com or if your eyes will tolerate the computer screen glare,  www.christianlibertypublishing.com , then click on the button  ANTICHRIST AND THE GREEN PRINCE to read it online. You are encouraged to print copies of this very important book to share with others. Please do this before censorship actions are perpetrated by the enemy.

Listen: Hour 1 ; Hour 2

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