March 10, 2012 Radio Show

Because March 8 was International Women’s Day my commitment to truth in broadcasting compelled me to reveal some history about the establishing of this annual event and that “queen” Elizabeth Windsor and Kate Middleton Windsor launched the diamond jubilee on the 8th. This appears to me to be apostate Protestant fascist feminism. Please do leave a comment after listening through this important broadcast.

Listen: Hour 1 ; Hour 2

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One comment on “March 10, 2012 Radio Show
  1. Larry Engel says:

    Hello David:
    From my point of view we never fought a war with the British or England. They were conquered and enslaved by the Lombard Bankers. The Revolutionary War was a war against the bankers. The Queen of England of the Saxe,Coburg,Gotha Bavarian Illuminati Blood Line are crypto Pharisee Jews. This one family rules the royal houses of Europe and own the controlling stock in the Federal Reserve Bank. All of they royal houses of Europe are ruled by Scotish Right Masons via a personal Masonic degree by birth. Their religious believes are from the Eleusinian Mystery Relligions, the Kabala, the Zohar, the Talmud and the Masonic Temple. There stated God is Lucifer.

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