April 14, 2012 Radio Show

Michigan under siege by the globalist British legal machine was the primary topic of conversation, as Jim called in for an extended report from Michigan with what is happening about the attempted takeover by the enemy’s EFM “Emergency Financial Managers”. This, of course, compelled all of us to visit  www.ChristianLibertyPublishing.com, so we could reference the on line ebook titled  ANTICHRIST AND THE GREEN PRINCE, to Chapter 20, titled  The Poppy Prince: Drugs, Arms, Oil & Money, so that we can better understand the method of operation of the apostate “royal” British enemy. Their method of operations is clearly described in eight simple steps that they repeat with minor variations. Understanding these steps is the key to frustrating their global domination plan. Please do visit both of my websites occasionally for important ahead of the other news reporters information from me.  www.GenuineChristianityNow.com

Listen: Hour 1; Hour 2

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