Transcript: Gary Kah Speech – Progress Of The New World Order with Intro

The actual speech of this typed transcript can be ordered by calling 1-800-729-9829 if you should ever want to hear it as it was delivered by Gary Kah in February 1994. I have discovered that I comprehend and retain information better when I play the cassette and read the transcript at the same time. The words in the transcript are spelled phoenetically as close as possible to the actual speech. They are not mistakes, or deliberate error, and I have capitalized several words that are not formal nouns to bring additional attention to them. I have attempted to produce typewritten words that match the audio as closely as possible so that whomever receives this will be able to fully concentrate while listening and reading simultaneously without the distraction of having to relocate the proper place in the text. Many words were not clear, but this is my best effort.

Here is the transcript:

1) Tonight our speaker is a young man who has had a lot of experience as he’ll tell you about it. A lot of opportunities to observe vital things that you or I may never have been aware of. And, uh, he also comes to us as a very busy man, he speaks about seventy times a year. Seventy rallies like this. And probably somewhere about a hundred and fifty talk shows a year. So, you can find that between, between talk shows and speaking he is on the go, he has a lovely family, loves the Lord, and I want you to stand tonight and welcome a true servant of the Lord, Gary Kah, as he comes to speak to us, Gary Kah.

Thank you so much. It’s good to feel such a warm welcome in such cold weather. I guess I don’t have anything to talk about, we got home from a place where it’s very warm, we managed to have a tour of Hawaii in January, which I wish we could do that every year. We came back, and the day after we got back was the coldest day ever in Indianapolis. Twenty seven below zero, and it felt twice as cold because of the weather we were just in. But it is good to be here, it’s good to see some, so many familiar faces. I’d say that we have more friends and people regularly praying for us and supporting us from the Milwaukee area than just about any other part of the country. I’d say along with Milwaukee, the Seattle-Tacoma Washington area, the central valley area of California, the Sacramento-Lodi-Modesto area and Indiana where we live are probably the other three places.

2) So, uh, not every city and area is so fortunate as to have a network such as V.C.Y. that is willing to take a stand for the truth, and is willing to do what is right simply because it is right, regardless of the cost, and we need more people like that out there.

Uh, before we get going in earnest, um, I would like to review just a few of the things we have back at the book table so that there isn’t confusion afterwards. I’ve been asked to do this, so, I’ll just take a moment, and, uh, I want to say we don’t carry material that we believe will not benefit you, uh, we don’t make a big circus out of promoting things either, but the books and tapes back there we honestly believe will help to inform you on some very important issues. Um, the video tapes, there’s one video tape from when I spoke in Seattle Washington last year that shares my personal message and, uh testimony, and uh, shares some of the documents I have on the New World Order.

The only other video tape back there is by Terry Cook from the Los Angeles area. He’s formerly with L.A.P.D., a former Fraud Investigator, currently works for the highway department out there. He’s on the cutting edge of the New World Order Technology that is what is taking place and what is being implemented right now in order to track every move that all of us make. This is very real, I know Terry personally, and he has done his homework, and it’s a very helpful video tape.

3) We also have a newsletter sign up sheet back there, and I know what you’re gonna say, since I was here last year we still haven’t gotten our newsletter out yet, uh, so keep praying for us, and wait patiently, were getting closer. But I’m on the road so much and we only have limited help back at home and, and uh, were just doing the best that we can. But we’re targeting April or May right now, so if you hang in there long enough, sooner or later you’ll get something. For those of you who have not signed up, the sheet is back there. And we also have more copies of the document that announces the forming of the World Government from the World Constitution and Parliament Association. If I remember right last year we ran out, so those of you who didn’t get a copy, uh, they’re back there. That’s all I want to say on that.

It’s been a very, very busy year for us. We’ve had some good things happen to us and some bad things happen to us. Uh, I think right before I was here last year our third baby was born. A little baby girl, she’s now one year old, uh, two, three weeks after she was born right after I spoke here last year we also had to move out of our house and it took us about five or six months to get settled in, um, as Vic mentioned, we’ve had a score of talk shows and speaking engagements all around the country, uh, we’ve taken our family on many of those and it’s been a fun year in a lot of ways, a very busy year, but a fun year.

4) But this year the attacks really began upon our ministry in a major way. And many people said that would happen, but it’s as if we were left alone as long as we were small, but as we got more and more visibility, it’s as if people began coming out of the walls against us, and so far I’ve tried not to get on the defensive, but to continue just pushing ahead getting out the message the Lord has given to me and I’ll try to continue to do that. But I have had to go on one talk show in Portland Oregon just to prove that I was alive. So many people were calling the talk show host there saying that Gary Kah had been assassinated, that he had taken a bullet to the head, that this talk show host that happens to be a friend of mine, you know, thought maybe there was something to it,so he, uh, called us at home and was a bit surprised to hear me answer the phone, and he said, “you’re, it’s you!” And I said, “well yea”. And then he went on to share, um, what was going on, and this is going on in different parts of the country. It turned out that these, uh, what seemed to be organized rumors, uh, apparently just to intimidate us, organized rumors began right after I spoke at a Conference in Florida, where interestingly enough, for the first time, I spoke three times and one of those three times I spent 45 minutes, a 45 minute session discussing the Secret Societies of Freemasonry.

5) I don’t know if there’s a connection, but it is interesting that this all began right after that time. More recently, over the summer I was awakened twice in the morning, early morning hours, uh, between two and four a.m. in the morning with very loud sounding, um, type of helicopter hovering over our house. And, uh, the first time I heard it, I didn’t think too much of it, the second time I heard the same sound I woke, it’s so loud, there’s no way I could, I could sleep. I jumped up, went to the window and, uh, it wasn’t, I mean it, it wasn’t sitting on our house. Let me tell you that these helicopters have not been landing on our house. The other day out in Washington a person came up to me and said they heard that helicopters had been landing on our house. Well, for one thing, the way our house is built, believe me, it would have collapsed by now if that was the case. But, um, helicopters, uh, have hovered over the house, and a third time they didn’t hover, but apparently were on their way from one point to another, um, but the same helicopters each time. It was dark out so I couldn’t tell exactly what they looked like although they, they appeared to be black. And I didn’t see that they were marked. They were heavy duty helicopters. Not your little police helicopters, but heavy duty helicopters. And when we started hearing from other friends who are researchers. Having some of the same experiences.

6) Um, I just recently spoke at a conference with Ed Decker up in Canada. He’s had the same helicopters over his house. Some other people in Indianapolis, including a Pastor. And we don’t know what this is all about, uh, some people are doing research on it. We think that they are con, uh, connected with an organization that is connected with the United Nations, but they don’t want people to know that that’s the case. So be praying for us on that. That can be a bit intimidating.

And also, tonight, uh, Vic just got a telex from someone, uh, trying to discredit me, and um, uh, anything to try to keep me from sharing this message anywhere, so we do need your prayers, and those of you who have been praying for us since last year, uh, just continue to do so. We really appreciate it.

It’s been a busy year not just for us, but for the Clinton administration as well. Especially the last six months. Even though I knew the New World Order was coming rapidly I would not have envisioned a year ago all the things getting pushed through Congress that have gone through in the last six months. It’s almost unbelievable. You can see the hidden hand moving.

We’ve, since July or August seen the National Health Reform take it’s first step forward. There are a lot of things we are not being told about this. Such as the fact that, as things stand right now if all of this goes through, the, Clinton, the way Clinton wants it to go through, there would be five pillar insurance companies that all the business would get run through.

7) Small insurance companies providing insurance for health care coverage would eventually be run out of business. And what’s interesting is that the Owners and the Board of Directors of these five insurance companies are all connected with the Council on Foreign Relations, which, I’m not even going to go into that because most of you are already familiar with that organization and the fact that it was responsible for founding the United Nations.

So people in the insurance industry are beginning to wake up and there are people within the insurance industry that are actually trying to fight this, and we are now seeing some opposition in congress, so hopefully that will continue, um, I think it’s dangerous if it goes through the way it is right now.

We also have seen N.A.F.T.A. passed. The North American Free Trade Agreement. A roughly five thousand page document that I venture to say not one member of congress read, because even if you’re a speed reader it would ta – it would probably take you close to a month to read that much.

N.A.F.T.A. has been put together over a period of six or seven years. A lot of thinking has gone into it. A lot of decisions from the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and other organizations like that, that, uh , help formulate the policies that ended up going into N.A.F.T.A.

8) This is the single biggest step into the New World Order that this country has taken since the forming of the Federal Reserve. Back in 1913. And history will bear that out.
N.A.F.T.A. is to compose Region number one in the World Government. If you remember when I was here last year I shared that they have divided the world into Ten Regions for the purpose of administrating the World Government. N.A.F.T.A. is to be Region number one. The map is on page 42 of my book, by the way, if you want to look at that map. The only thing that has changed since the time that map came out in the early seventies is that Mexico has been added to North America. To that Region.

Originally it was just Canada and the United States, and now Mexico, uh, has been tossed in.

What N.A.F.T.A. will consist of will be an Economic Region to start with, but clearly, eventually, a Political Region. And the advocates of N.A.F.T.A. have already come out and said that. They basically want to do in North America what they’ve done with the Common Market in Europe. Start with an Economic Union, then make it a Political Union. The logic is very simple.

Agreements like this break down National Barriers and the concept of National Sovereignty. It’s much easier to take Ten Regions into a World Government than 200 separate isolated countries willing to defend their National Sovereignty. So it’s a step by step approach.

We’ve also seen the Brady bill go through. This is just the beginning. Of gun control.

9) I am in favor of getting guns away from teen-agers and kids. They shouldn’t have guns. But that’s the parent’s responsibility. If parents can’t keep the guns away from the teen-agers then they ought to be fined or do something in that area. But to try to ban all, uh, Personal Defense Weapons, which is what this is, is heading toward. In the next five years they’d like to get all guns away from the American people entirely. And anyone who has studied world history, people such as, uh, former U.S. ambassador to Rumania, David Funderburk, who I personally know, has told me that the last step in any society before a complete take-over is to try to disarm the people. It doesn’t take a smart person to figure that out.

Another interesting development, we’re looking into this more to try to get some more accurate figures, but we have heard from eye witness accounts, now at least three eye witness, uh, people from Texas, Montana and Louisiana, and I’m told from other states, where the same thing is going on. There are now Foreign Troops on American soil. By the thousands. The figure we have is at least three hundred thousand Foreign Troops on American soil under the banner of the United Nations. Currently, they come from seven different countries. Russia is one of them. Columbia and Venezuela and Belgium are some of the others. Um, I believe China and Bulgaria are also on that list. Of course, we’re being told that any troops that are over here are simply here for training.

10) Where the U.S. military is training them. I find that difficult to believe. I know there’s some joint maneuvers going on, but, uh, that’s just hard for me to swallow. I know of some people up in Montana who were out hunting. Where they’d hunted many times before, and they stumbled across a couple of U.N. troops who told them to get off the property, to scram. So they left. And then they started thinking why should we leave. We’ve hunted here for years. This is our property. So, they heard helicopters. They followed the sound of the helicopters.

Took ’em about half the day to climb up a, a ridge, and they looked over a mountain and saw a huge military base, largely finished, but still under construction, with thousands of troops, foreign troops under the U.N. banner. Um, we’ve gotten calls from Utah. From Michigan. Not direct, eye witness accounts, but from people who heard that things were going on. Also, uh, the Oklahoma City area. This is going on all around the country.

President Bush signed an agreement with the United Nations about two months before he left office. Giving U.N. troops access to U.S. military bases. And this is what has made this possible.

In the meantime, what is happening to our troops? They’re being sent overseas. Also under the banner of the United Nations. Keep your eyes on Bosnia and North Korea. I spoke two nights ago with a gentleman who just recently became a Christian. He’s in the intelligence community. He’s a couple of Levels Above Top Secret Clearance.

11) He has access to classified information. He left today for Germany. On a top secret mission. They are putting the troops over there on heightened alert. This is not yet public, but it’s just one step before an invasion. Also, there had been a lot of movement, uh, in sending troops to Korea. So, I don’t know what’s going to happen, if something’s going to happen there, but traditionally, major world crises seem to occur during the second and third year of a presidential administration. So I believe in ninety four and ninety five there will be a heightened probability that there will be a major crisis somewhere overseas. Uh, it, it disturbs me to know that so many of our, uh, Foreign Troops are coming over here and our young men are being sent overseas. I, I don’t want to jump to conclusions and I know it’s easy to do when you study these things, but do you suppose that, i, in the thinking of the Globalists and those that want World Government, The Establishment, do you suppose that they’re thinking that maybe Foreign Troops would have an easier time pointing guns at American citizens than American Troops on their own soil? I don’t know. That’s, that’s a possibility.

Another development. Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Who is the new up and coming radical in the Soviet Union (sic). Very anti-Semitic, he has made it known, he has met with the growing number of neo-Nazis in Germany.

12) It got some media publicity recently, uh, some people have been, uh, prophesying for years, according to their interpretation of Bible prophecy that Germany and the Soviet Union (sic) would once again become allies and invade Israel. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen, but it is interesting that these meetings are beginning to take place. We, our best friends are currently Missionaries in Russia. They’re over there for another six months. We know from them that the situation is very unstable. Uh, things could be turned upside down any time. It could go on for a few more years. It could happen tomorrow, we don’t know. Um, but, uh, to see this kind of leadership that is waiting in the wings, uh, is indeed disturbing.

We’ve also seen some movement on the Fairness Doctrine, which if approved, would Force radio talk shows to give equal time to opposing views. So if Vic Eliason has someone on to talk out against homosexuality or whatever, he would have to give equal time to homosexuals to come on the air to give their side of the story. This actually stands a pretty good chance of getting through, although it is being watered down a little bit right now and I don’t have the update on, of what’s happened the last couple of weeks, uh, but I do believe there’s a good chance that it will be passed.

Along with all kinds of other things.

13) The Crime Control Act, uh, which would allow the government to determine what citizens can speak out on and what they can’t speak out on. In other words, what would be anti government. And it would cut into our freedom of speech. And if you speak out on what they don’t want you to speak out on you could be carted off to jail.

All these things going on in just six months time.

I wonder what will happen in this next year.

You know skeptics three or four years ago thought that there could never be a World Government or a New World Order. They just thought it was ridiculous. Yet we’ve seen the Berlin wall come down almost overnight. We’ve seen the Soviet Union break up into separate countries. We’ve seen Michail Gorbachev, the former Soviet leader, who is now headquartered most of the time in the United States at a former U.S. military base in San Francisco. The Presidio. Unbelievable! I mean if I would have stood up here five years ago and told you this would happen every, every one of you would have laughed. Just admit it. Cause I, I would have laughed. I, I didn’t think something, something like that was possible. We live in a rapidly changing world where almost anything that seems impossible is becoming possible. And with, um, uh, people such as President Reagan’s former adviser, um, trying to think of his name right now, it slips my mind, maybe I’ll think of it.

14) Who, uh, said two years ago, Michael Deaver, I believe it was who said two years ago that in five years we’re going to have a World Parliament. Well, that was, that statement was made in June of 92 on This Week with David Brinkley. If he is correct that would be 1997 that he sees us being in a World Government. Or World Parliament. And he must know something is going on behind the scenes to make that kind of a statement. Before going I wanna share just a little bit about my personal background because there are a lot of new people here this evening, probably half of you are. I’m not going to spend much time on it because I don’t wanna bore those of you who are already familiar with, uh, where I come from and why I am doing what I’m doing.

But then I wanna move on and address a few very important questions that I frequently get asked. I’m going, a, I’m going du go into the different tactics that are being used to move us toward World Government. I’ll be sharing five different tactics that I am aware of. What religious groups are involved at the Core of this One World Government Movement, and we’ll be dispelling some frequently held theories, when I address that. Also what is the Motivation at the Core of this. And finally, why is World Government dangerous or wrong.

15) And I would hope that, uh, many of you will take notes especially on that final one because this is something we need to be able to articulate to friends. Many people are asking, if you bring up the subject of World Government, they’ll say, “What’s wrong with a World Government”? They really haven’t thought it through and we need to be able to share with them what is dangerous about it.

From the early to mid 1980’s I served as the Europe and Middle East trade specialist for the Government of Indiana. I worked under Indiana Lieutenant Governor John Mautz who was Director of the Department of Commerce. All the positions in the Department of Commerce were political positions. I had to go through a political clearance, had to prove that I voted Republican at least the past couple elections and I was fortunate that I happened to vote Republican and, uh, they needed someone who spoke fluent German, uh, which I do, and had some background in international marketing so the position opened up, and almost immediately I began traveling overseas. Between 1981 and 1985 I had the opportunity to travel to, uh, over twenty countries all around the world, including most of the countries of Europe and the Far East promoting trade from Indiana trying to increase our exports to create more jobs back at home.

16) Most of my meetings overseas, nearly all of them, were set up through the commercial sections of the American Embassies, and this is where I made most of my contacts and friends. I worked very closely with these people. And through, uh, some of these contacts as well as the people they put me in touch with in the business community, I began to hear about the New World Order. Which I soon found out meant World Government.

Well, to make a long story short, in 1984 I had several experiences, there, I go into great detail in my book, en, En Route To Global Occupation on these experiences dealing with the political, economic, and spiritual developments moving us toward World Government. I finally became a believer realizing there was such an effort under way. When I had enough documentation I began to speak out against these things. This went on for about eight to ten months, at which time I was issued an ultimatum by one of the administration officials. He basically said I had to either keep quiet or leave. So I left. And that is when I began my nearly full time pursuit of researching, uh, this subject and it culminated in the writing of my book. It took almost seven years altogether. And, a, last year , I know some of the talk shows I’ve done with Vic I’ve already shared with you some of the things we went through, to get that out. Uh, we went through the closest thing of hell on earth that I can imagine.

17) Uh, we had everything happen to us, uh, you can read a Frank Piretti novel, This Present Darkness, and insert our names in there and you’ll get a close idea of some of the things that we went through. But we finally made it with the Lord’s help and, uh, I believe we serve a Sovereign God who is in control and that He, if He wants a message to get out it will go out in His appointed time. In the course of doing this research in 1987, by that time I was part of a network of New Age researchers from around the country, who I was exchanging information with, were all helping each other out, one of these researcher friends of mine was invited to join the World Constitution and Parliament Association, which is the organization at the forefront of actually trying to implement the World Government. This lady was on so many New Age mailing lists that apparently they thought she was one of them and invited her to join. She was in a personal crisis situation in her family at the time and really didn’t have the time to do anything with the information. She invited me to join hoping that I could do something with it. And that was in June of 1987 I believe, May or June, that, that, I actually joined the organization and I began to collect documentation.

18) And for those of you who have not seen this I’m going to just very quickly move through these documents and show you proof that there really is an effort under way to create a World Government. This letter which is, uh, available at the back table was sent out by the World Constitution and Parliament Association to all the heads of state in the world, announcing their intent of moving forward with the forming of a World Government. It was sent to president Bush, all the Leaders of the world, they all know about this. And they would have had to take this seriously because if you look at the names on the letterhead you’ve got everyone from the Chairman of the Nobel prize committee Egle Arvik to Ramsey Clark, our former U.S. Attorney General who happens to be listed as one of the vice presidents of the organization. Many former foreign ambassadors and ministers involved in this, this is only one of at least six letterheads that I’m aware of that they use. So this is not an all encompassing list by any means. This document here contains Eleven Bills that have been enacted into World Law, at the first three meetings of the World Parliament. They have not yet become enforceable because our U.S. constitution stands in the way. But they’re already working on that. I have with me here this evening an old copy of the World Constitution, a new one just came our and I’m in the process of getting a, a copy of it.

19) The new draft, they’ve slightly revised it, and uh, the new copy of the u, eh, the World Constitution states in the opening remarks, uh, something to the effect that the Tower of Babel which wasn’t built right the first time is going to be built perfectly this time, and that nobody will be able to shoot holes in this plan, it will be so well done. That’s a paraphrase but that’s close to what it says. Here’s a copy though, of the, uh, draft. It’s called the Constitution of the Federation of Earth. The Federation of Earth is the proposed name for the World Government, that is still where it stands. I have a hunch that that name could be changed just because of all of the exposure that is going on right now. We’ll have to wait and see. I also have the plan for collaboration which reveals their intention of wanting to get Congress into a Constitutional Convention at which time any necessary changes could be made in our U.S. Constitution to allow us to Legally go into a World Government. Or, more probably from their standpoint, to completely replace our Constitution with the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Some of the people involved in the organization include Cynthia Widell who for many years was the president of the World Council of Churches. Emil Peter who is one of the leading Green Party activists in the world.

20) Hans Peter Durr who is on the Executive Committee of Greenpeace, uh, some of the people from the Rainbow Coalition of California. In fact Jesse Jackson was one of the keynote speakers at the third meeting of the World Parliament. So I know he is aware of it. Various members of the Council on Foreign Relations. And before I go any further I think some of you might be interested in knowing who all from the Clinton administration is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. I haven’t had a chance check out William Perry yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is. President Clinton himself has been a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Again, this is the organization that was responsible for the Founding of the United Nations, and there are,are at least Thirty U.N. officials, current or former U.N. officials involved in the World Constitution and Parliament Association, so there’s a very close connection there. Defense secretary, up to now, Les Aspin was a member of the C.F.R., Donna Shalala, who all of you know, I think, as the president, former president of the University of Wisconsin, uh, has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, Henry Cisneros, housing and urban development secretary has been a member of both organizations. Bruce Babbitt, secretary of the interior, member of the C.F.R., Warren Christopher is the vice chairman of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations. Lloyd Bentson, Treasury Secretary, former C.F.R. member.

21) Madelyn Albright, U.N. ambassador, C.F.R. member. C.I.A. director James Woolsey and National Security Adviser Anthony Lake, also members of the Council on Foreign Relations. It now appears that by the time Clinton has made all of his final appointments, and he’s about done, there will be over four hundred members of the Council on Foreign Relations holding positions in the current administration. There are only about twenty eight or twenty nine hundred members in the Council on Foreign Relations, so that’s something like fourteen or fifteen percent of the total organization. So, any statement less than saying the Council on Foreign Relations runs the executive office of the president would be inaccurate because they really do. Eighty percent of the top five positions in the U.S. government since world war two have gone to members of the Council on Foreign Relations, so it’s no wonder why we’re moving toward World Government and an empowered United Nations.

I want to move now into some of the more current events going on evolving these organizations and I’m gonna incorporate some of these into addressing the first question. And that is how is this World Government actually being implemented. What are the different mechanisms they’re using to bring this about. And I’ve identified five different tactics being used. The first one is the grass roots effort. So called grass roots effort. Which the World Constitution and Parliament Association claims to be part of. They’re trying to put pressure on the State Legislatures as well as on Congress from what appear to be organizations of We The People.

22) Various New Age Organizations all around the country are suddenly becoming politically active, thousands of people are coming out of nowhere putting pressure on our elected officials. This was really launched on May 15, 1993. I have a copy of the letter that was sent out all around the world to members of the World Constitution and Parliament Association announcing their intention of now beginning to move forward. The letter states it is time for a meeting in the United States to reorganize the U.S. National Branch of the World Constitution and Parliament Association and also to begin the United, the United States National Council for the Global Ratification and Elections Network. The acronym for that is G.R.E.N. G.R.E.N. That’s what they’re calling themselves. The Global Ratification and Elections Network. All of this is being done in the name of Democracy, mind you. The agenda for the W.C.P.A. and the G.R.E.N. meetings, they go on to say, will include, ah, the organizing of the United States Branch of the W.C.P.A. and Election Of Officers. The launching of the campaign for ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth state by state and in congress. They have launched this. They’re about eight or ten months into it. And they go on and, and state some of their other objectives, uh, in there. What’s interesting is we just got a phone call last week from Fort Wayne Indiana where one of the leaders of the World Constitution and Parliament Association is wanting me to come up and speak at the university there.

23) They’re realizing that they can’t hide it any more because people are finding out about it and if they’re calling themselves a Democratic Effort, even though they’ve been working on this since 1959 behind our backs, they’ve gotta come public now and they feel that enough people are ripe to where they will view World Government favorably that they can stand their own in a kind of debate. So if I do accept that, I, I’d be speaking there in May and I would appreciate your prayers. Because a World Government sounds awful good, ah, if it promises World Peace, World unific, ah, Unity. Am dealing with the Environmental Crisis and all these other, ah, good things that they’re alleging this World Government would be doing. One other way in which pressure is being put on the State Legislatures and Congress is through various Private Conferences being held and sponsored all around the country. The most recent major conference of this type took place in 1993 in Louisville Kentucky. How many, I’m, I’m just curious, how many of you apart from hearing me on the, on the radio knew that there was an Earth Summit last May in Louisville Kentucky? O.K. How many of you were aware of the Earth Summit that took place this past May in Rio de Janiero? Almost all of you. O.K. This is by design. Hardly no one knew about the, uh, Louisville Earth Summit. This was more of a Closed Door Session, it was aimed at Governors and Governors aides.

24) Twelve hundred people were present, a friend of ours was able to get in the door, and uh, reported back to us on what he found out there. Governors and Governors Aides were there from 49 states. The only state not represented was Hawaii. Which I don’t know the reason for, maybe it was just the distance, I don’t know. But, um, our friend had the opportunity of speaking to several dozen people. He said every person he spoke with was completely sold out on the idea of a World Government. They think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Not only that, they’re prepared to go, to go back to their states and recommend that steps be taken to bring this about.


You see we’ve gotta have a World Government to solve the Environmental Crisis. This is, uh, the bottom line of what was being discussed at this meeting. Our friend said that one U.N. official gave a keynote address there, and again, I’m paraphrasing, but the jist of what he said was that the World Government is already in place and, and pretty much formed. The only problem is, in this country people have a say in things, they’ve got to figure out a way to break the news to the American people. Our friend also said that the prevailing attitude was if the world will be one, if there’s gonna be a World Government, the United States might as well be at the forefront of it. That’s another technique they’re using to sell this to people. Al Gore, it shouldn’t surprise us, was one of the keynote speakers. And if you read his book Earth In The Balance, even though he alleges to be a Christian, a Baptist, um, I think his Pantheism comes through loud and clear in that book.

25) He’s a Closet New Ager, maybe not so much a Closet New Ager because of the remarks he has openly made. They announced at that meeting that in 1995 at the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, they’re planning a Major Earth Summit. This one will be, again, for public consumption like the one in Rio. And we can expect major, a, Legislation or Treaties coming out of that celebration. Agenda Twenty One will be one of the Treaties that they are going to try to get signed. It appears that Al Gore and Bill Clinton are completely committed to this. Agenda Twenty One would give the United Nations Full Control and Full Power to Enforce Environmental Legislation. All around the country. Except if you look at everything that falls under the Environmental Legislation, it would literally reach into every aspect of our lives. This would be like one big step into World Government without us knowing about it, just like N.A.F.T.A. was. Another way in which pressure is being put on Congress, through State Legislatures. What I’m trying to show you here is that they’re working from every direction. You’ve got grass roots people through the World Constitution and Parliament Association putting pressure on State Legislatures and Congress, you’ve got State Legislatures putting pressure on Congress, you’ve got certain people in Congress putting pressure on the State Legislatures.

26) In the meantime you’ve got International Treaties being signed and you’ve got a push for a Constitutional Convention. So they’re, they’re stacking the deck. They’re working from every direction at the same time. This document right here is from the Journal of the Senate from the State of Massachusetts. It is dated May 13th 1992, the date that it was adopted by the State Senate. It was introduced by Senator Frederick Barry. I’m gonna read from the top. It says, “resolutions memorializing the Congress of the United States, to initiate the Constitutional Procedures to enable the United States to participate in a representative World Federal Government”. End quote. Now any one that’s still skeptical about whether or not any of this is going on, how much more blatant can you get? They’re coming straight out and demanding that Congress pave the way so that we can go into World Government. Other states are pursuing similar measures now as a result of this, a, Earth Summit that took place in Louisville. Another way in which they’re trying to Build this World Government Infrastructure, as I mentioned, is through the Signing of International Treaties. Which, if enough of them were signed, they will be able to convince people, and they’re trying to do it right now, That International Treaties Supersede Domestic Law. In other words if enough of these Treaties are signed to cover every aspect of the laws covered in our land under our Constitution, eventually these International Treaties would override our Constitution. And they would be the governing , uh, documents.

27) Some of the measures that have been taken along these lines, the, the first one, that I consider a major one, uh, that has taken place in the last two years is the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. I’m just curious. I’d like to see a, a show of hands, how many of you are familiar with that document? Just a few of ya. Again, the media, of course they’re not gonna tell us about this. This was originally introduced on December 16 1996. But repeated efforts to get it through Congress failed, this time it was successful. It was brought before Congress by Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, George Mitchell of Maine, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Pat Moynihan of New York, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Senator Stevens of Alaska, who is not a member, at least wasn’t at that time. I don’t know if he is now or not. Those were the four sponsoring, uh, people. Article nine of the covenant states, quote, “every one has the right to Liberty and Security of person. No one shall be deprived of his Liberty except, Except, on such grounds and in accordance with such procedures as are established by law”. End quote. So the U.N. acknowledges the existence of Rights and Freedoms, but then simultaneously assumes the Power To Abolish Them. You end up with nothing. This stands to replace our Bill of Rights. Agenda Twenty One I’ve already mentioned. I believe that will probably be ratified in 1995, which will give them a lot of Power in the name of the Environment.

28) And then we have N.A.F.T.A. I just have a couple of articles here on N.A.F.T.A. If you have any doubt in your mind about the Hidden Agenda with N.A.F.T.A., two articles ought to take care of this. This article here went out on July 26th all around the country. I got this out of the Indianapolis Business Journal. It was written by Henry Kissinger. The title of the article,


He’s not pulling any punches is he? I’m gonna read you a few quotes out of here. Again, this is Henry Kissinger speaking or writing. ” It (meaning N.A.F.T.A.) will represent the most creative step toward a New World Order taken by any group of countries since the end of the Cold War. And the first step toward the even larger vision of a Free Trade Zone for the Western Hemisphere. An idea that Lee Iaccoca also was promoting. What Congress will have before it is not a Conventional Trade Agreement, but the Architecture Of A New International System. Clinton must not permit the Treaties’ opponents to define N.A.F.T.A. as a Problem Of Economic Arithmetic. N.A.F.T.A. is so vital to prospects for Global Progress that it merits a demonstration of non partisan unity. Something which we saw take place. Remember the signing of the Treaty between the P.L.O. and Israel? That day, uh, Clinton also had a small press conference on N.A.F.T.A., he used it as an opportunity to plug N.A.F.T.A. Who were the other presidents that stood there with him? Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, George Bush, and Bill Clinton. Two Democrats, two Republicans, every one of them a member of the Trilateral Commission.

29) And they all openly endorsed N.A.F.T.A. The first time in a long time I could see presidential unity like that from both parties to promote an event. Kissinger goes on to say, ” a Regional Western Hemisphere Organization dedicated to Democracy and Free Trade would be a first step toward the New World Order, so frequently cited, but so rarely implemented”. He goes on to close by saying, ” Clinton should enlist former presidents, secretaries of state and other leaders in one of the broad based coalitions by which previous new departures in foreign policy, like the Marshall plan were put before the public. If that happens Clinton’s will be perceived as a seminal presidency whatever else transpires while he is in office.”. In other words if he doesn’t accomplish anything else for the Globalists except N.A.F.T.A., get N.A.F.T.A. through, he will have accomplished, uh, his share of, of the agenda for them. Another article on N.A.F.T.A. This is from the wall street journal. David Rockefeller himself. Past director of the Council on Foreign Relations and one of the Founders of the Trilateral Commission wrote this article. It was in the journal on October 1st 1993. Page A10 for those of you who are researchers and want to look these things up. The article was called A Hemisphere In The Balance. Rockefeller starts out saying, ” I can’t help seeing the current debate over the North American Free Trade Agreement in the context of my own half century of work with the people of Canada and Latin America, an interest that I shared with my late brother Nelson. It seems ironic that many of the things we had hoped to witness in Latin America and worked hard to accomplish are nearer now to realization than they ever have been, and yet they are threatened by rejection of N.A.F.T.A. by the U.S. Such a rejection could reverse a great deal of what has been accomplished”. I bet.

30) He goes on to say that he was basically the driving force behind N.A.F.T.A. Listen to this. ” What has amazed me even more is that the Private Sectors of Latin America, long comfortable behind Protective Tariff Barriers, have also swung around to support an Open Hemisphere Trading System. The America’s Society, and the Council of the Americas, which I helped to establish and which I chaired until the beginning of the year were co-sponsors last spring in Washington of a Forum of the Americas.

Joining us were Private Sector Organizations made up of Business Leaders from Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. At the conclusion of the forum the participants were unanimous in supporting the proposition that we should together strive to achieve a Full Western Hemisphere Free Trade Area by the year 2000″.


He closes by saying, ” What it comes down to is this. The changes in attitudes and policies to make this dream come true have happened. Everything is in place. After five hundred years. To build a true New World in the Western Hemisphere. I truly don’t think that criminal would be too strong a word to describe an action on our part such as rejecting N.A.F.T.A.”. End quote. We have Rockefeller and Kissinger making these kinds of statements and you are aware of where they are coming from.

31) You know this is a big part of the puzzle in bringing about the World Government and the New World Order. Along with International Treaties we have movement, continued movement in the area of the Constitutional Convention. Thirty four states, State Legislatures have to ratify a call for a Constitutional Convention in order for it to go to Congress. In order for Congress to turn our Constitution upside down and make it possible for us to go into a World Government, uh, 32 States have now done so. It was 32, dropped back down to 29 States when 3 rescinded, rescinded, those 3 states, however, are reconsidering it and looks almost certain that it’s going to go through, so I’m speculating a little bit, but I believe it’ll be back up to 32 here in the next couple of months.

We’ve also had, uh, this issue come up before the State Legislatures of Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Illinois and Michigan. And they will continue to do this until they get the necessary 34 states. Again, they don’t necessarily have to have a Constitutional Convention, they could accomplish the same thing through International Treaties, but they’re simply covering all the bases, they’re working from every angle at the same time.


32) Now all these other measures I’ve mentioned so far are being done in the name of Democracy. They hope that they can actually Dupe the American people into supporting these things into being just like N.A.F.T.A. Then they can sit back when the World Government is formed and say hey, you voted all this into being, through your elected officials. But if enough American people begin to wake up and begin to feel as if they’re losing control of the situation, they might just consider Using Force To Force This Upon Us.

How do I know, this, well, this is the first time before a crowd of this size that I’m sharing this publicly. I’m choosing tonight to do so, because I believe one of the things that will help keep me alive is the visibility that this statement will draw on this particular evening. In the past I’ve asked people to turn off their video tapes and, and, uh, or video tape players and, and cassette players. But it’s time that you people know about this. Especially with all the movement going on now with the U. N. Troops because I think the time is drawing near when they might try something.

In 1984, I was invited to join the National Defense Executive Reserve, the N.D.E.R. for short. I was invited to join this organization through a friend of mine in Indianapolis who is one of the recruiters because he worked for the U.S. Department of Commerce and, uh, the local division for the U.S. Department of Commerce are among those recruiters for this organization and I don’t even think he knows what the organization is about because he hasn’t attended many of the meetings.

33) He, his job is simply to identify, um, people that they felt were up and coming leaders that would be interested in something like this. I was told that if I joined The Organization it would enhance my career. It was a very prestigious organization to belong to, a lot of Business Executives and Former Government Leaders belonged to it. And some Current Government Leaders.

Uh, they invited me to attend a meeting, which I did. And it all sounded good. They said, uh, this organization, it consists of about 2200 people, is an organization, a patriotic organization which would be called in to help restore, uh, Law and Order and bring a situation out of control back to normal if there is ever a State of National Emergency in the United States.

And this sounded good to me, something that I might want to be a part of, so they gave me some forms to fill out and I was told that I would go through three F.B.I. clearances. That my background would be checked out extensively and that maybe I’d be watched and listened to and all kinds of things when I wouldn’t know so, what was, uh, what they were really doing. Um, it took several years, believe it or not, before I was finally cleared to join the organization. Part of the reason was, much to their embarrassment, I was in my mid twenties when I was invited to join this organization and their standard policy is, um, not to have people in the organization until they turn 30.

34) But since I had filled out the applications and I was invited to join, they gave me a special status known as candidate. I was a candidate in the National Defense Executive Reserve, but not an official member, which allowed me to attend some meetings. Later on when I turned 30 I served a three year term, in the National Defense Executive Reserve, uh, Reserve. I had opportunity of attending meetings at fort McNair in Washington D.C., with some of the Leaders of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and also some of the Military Leaders in our country.

At one meeting I was at there were maybe three or four hundred people present, I could go on for an hour about some of the things I learned. I’m just, I’m just gonna give you the overview of what this is all about.

The bottom line is, the National Defense Executive Reserve is one of over a Dozen Agencies directly responsible to F.E.M.A. Which is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. F.E.M.A. is not a relief organization like the Red Cross.

We’re led to believe that that’s what the case is but they are a Political Organization created for a Political Purpose.

Which explains one reason why they have been so inept in responding to na, uh, natural catastrophies. All the way from hurricane Hugo an, and Andrew to the earthquake in California.

The leader of F.E.M.A. is directly accountable and reports to the National Security Council. The National Security Council consists in large part of the Executive Office of the president. The president’s Cabinet.

35) As I’ve already, uh, shown to you this evening almost all of those people are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is promoting World Government. Now do you suppose that a National Crisis could be precipitated, and a State of National Emergency declared so they could actually Try To Force us into a World Government Militarily? I believe that’s a real possibility if you look what’s going on all around the country.

All president Clinton has to do is sign an Executive Order which is already in place. I have a copy of it at home. All he has to do is Sign this and Declare a State of National Emergency. The Powers of Congress would Automatically be Suspended and it would be a type of Martial Law situation. You could be told where to move to. All radio stations could be seized immediately and shut down. They would report only what they want you to hear through it.

They could, uh, shut down transportation channels, um, all kinds of things. We were told that we would have to report to one of five different places in the country. And we were not told where they were. They were Top Secret. But we would be told if and when we were called in. I personally believe the chances of this approach being used are increasing by the day.

No one knows, only the Lord knows right now what technique they will end up using to Try to Force the World Government upon us. But I believe, one reason we’re seeing Heavy Emphasis On Gun Control is because they are considering this as an al, alternative measure.

36) The last meeting I attended of the National Defense Executive Reserve was in Chicago, which is the headquarters for Region five. By the way, the United States has also been divided into Ten Regions, and, uh, you here in Wisconsin are also a part of Region Five as we are in Indiana with Chicago as the headquarters.

The New World Order, once it is implemented, along with having the Ten Global Regions, uh, here in the United States, the government would be operating based upon the Regions here. And I’m now told that they’re, they’re considering Twelve Regions rather than Ten.

So, none of this is totally in concrete and it’s, it’s changing from day to day. But at the last meeting I walked in a little bit late I got caught up in the rush hour traffic in Chicago and I was about 20 minutes late. When I walked in the Security Briefing was already going on.

There were only a couple of seats left and they were up toward the front so everybody saw me come in and I sat down there, maybe, uh, I don’t know, at least 30 or 40 of us in the room. And a few minutes after I sat down, this officer giving the Security Briefing made a special announcement that shocked everyone in the room. And that was that everything we’ve ever learned in the National Defense Executive Reserve since the first meeting we attended, was now being Classified Retroactively.

Which means anything we share about the N.D.E.R., maybe even sharing that it exists, I don’t know, could be considered classified information, and people could get into a heap of trouble for sharing this.

37) He went on to share a few other things then he said, “so next time before you write that best selling blockbuster book”, and his eyes focused right on mine, he looked at me for a couple seconds, he said, “remember that”. There’s no doubt in my mind, this is just a couple months after my book came out, they knew of the fact that I had written this book, and were probably somewhat, curious as to why I didn’t mention the organization in this book. I didn’t do it any earlier even though my publisher wanted me to just because I didn’t have the Lord’s leading on it. I really felt that if anything would get me killed that would be it and I didn’t want to do that at the time.

But the American people need to know about this. This is completely Unconstitutional. Most of the Members of Congress don’t even know about the National Defense Executive Reserve and these other organizations under F.E.M.A. They’re swallowing the big lie as well. They believe that, uh, F.E.M.A. is all about, um, helping people, uh, in natural catastrophies.

This network began being put in place way back in the 60’s. To a series of Executive Orders. People at the state n local level began to catch on to them, they began to expose this. So Jimmy Carter, right before he left office, changed everything, he brought all of these organizations under F.E.M.A. and created that organization. For the first time. And that threw people off for awhile because they didn’t know what was going on and what happened to all of these organizations.

38) Well, then people began exposing F.E.M.A. and so now they’re, they’re again, uh, in a process of trying to Restructure things a little bit just to stay one step ahead of things. Just like Outcome Based Education is about to have a name change. Keep your eyes open for that. It’s gonna be, something like q.v.c. or something, I can’t remember but q will be in it, uh, because too many people know about Outcome Based Education now. This is a Tactic that these people use.

The next question I want to address, is, what Religious Groups are involved at the Core of this. I’m gonna have tu mo, move very quickly through this because we’re running out of time. I wanna begin with Protestants.


Apparently they don’t read their Bible or take it literally, and don’t know better, but much of the Protestant effort, is represented through the Secret Societies.

Especially Freemasonry.

Most of the people in Freemasonry in the Masonic Lodge are from Protestant backgrounds.

The term the New World Order originated within Freemasonry. It has been around since at least the late 1700’s.

In fact on the back of our dollar bill as most of you already know, uh, the seal, uh, with, uh, the pyramid all seeing eye above it, underneath it, it says Novus Ordo Seclorum. Which is Latin for the New World Order.

That seal also happens to be the emblem of the Illuminati which was founded in 19, I mean in 1776. May 1st by Adam Weishaupt.

39) The Illuminati consisted of High Ranking Freemasons. Consisted of Illuminized Freemasons. That is those Masons that have gotten up high enough in The Order where they were actually initiated into the Secret Teachings of Lucifer. Most people involved with Freemasonry are decent people. I have a number of friends involved in Freemasonry. I considered joining myself a number of years ago. Do not go home and accuse your husband or your friend or anyone sitting next to you this evening of being a Satanist. That is simply not the case. What I am saying is that Freemasonry at the Highest Levels is something completely different than what you think it is.

And it’s a part of the Deception. Why else do you suppose that you have to have Secret, have to take Secret Oaths from the very First Degree. Unto death.

There’s a reason for that because eventually if you keep going up you’re going to find out some things they don’t want to tell you about. This week I spoke with the son of a 33rd Degree Mason, who, once he found out his dad was involved in it began to do some research. He uncovered a whole lot of new things, every one of which lined up with my book. I have two chapters in my book that quote directly out of Masonic sources. I give page numbers, books and everything. So if you are a Mason I don’t want to offend you, but before you take up issue with me, first look up those books and see if I am not telling the truth. Cause if I’m telling the truth you’re in an organization you need to get out of.
On page 48 of a book called The Lost Keys of Freemasonry written by Manly P. Hall, which you’ll be able to get in any Masonic library, and if you can’t get it there, call the House of the Temple, the Masonic Headquarters building, Washington, D.C.

40) They’ll make you a copy of it. Page 48 of The Lost Keys of Freemasonry. It says that when you reach a certain level in Freemasonry the Seething Energies of Lucifer come upon you and before you may Ascend Onward and Upward in The Order, that is to go up any higher, you must prove your ability to properly apply this energy. To actually get into Ritual Magic. On page 321 of Morals and Dogma written by Albert Pike, who was the leader of Scottish Rite Freemasonry for 32 years, from 1859 to 1891, he comes out and states that Lucifer is the Source of Light. That Lucifer is the Light Bearer or Source of Inspiration.

Look it up for yourself, page 321. Also, there is no way the Masonic Order can be a Christian Order and not be opposed to the teachings of Christ. If you look at all the references in Morals and Dogma to Gnosticism, Kabbalism, the Ancient Mystery Religions, the Occult Sciences. Get a copy of Morals and Dogma with an appendix in the back. All you have to do is look it up. And read it for yourself. I encourage you to do that.

Most Masons who have re, uh, gotten to the 32nd or 33rd Degree and have gotten a copy of Morals and Dogma no more read that than most Christians do read all the way through the Bible. So you can not assume just because a Mason has a copy of it that he has read through it and studied it. But if you are a Christian, and a Mason, and you read that, you will have to agree that you can no longer remain in The Organization.

41) That’s all I’ll say on that. The term the New Age, it’s interesting that until three years ago, the Magazine for the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry was called the New Age Magazine. They recently changed the name to the Scottish Rite Journal because researchers like myself were beginning to put two and two together, were wondering why in the world they were calling it the New Age Magazine.

The World Council of Churches is saturated with Freemasons. Research friends call it a Masonic Branch Organization, although technically it’s not. But there’s so many Masons in the organization and this is au, I, I’ve got this information through the testimony of Former Masons who’ve been, ah, in Freemasonry and who know the World Council of Churches and the people involved in it. There’s a strong representation there, and the World Council of Churches is moving us toward World Government. As I mentioned earlier Cynthia Widdell, who’se been the president of that organization and who’se been one of the, uh, Advocates of the World Constitution and Parliament Association.

To give you an idea of how this is creeping into Christianity, Freemasonry has been the central issue at the last two or three, uh, Conferences or Annual Conventions of the Southern Baptist Church. One of which was held in Indianapolis a couple of years ago. It made the front page of the Indianapolis Star newspaper. Over 40 percent of Southern Baptist Ministers are now Freemasons.

42) I believe a split is imminent. I believe those in the Southern Baptist Convention belonging to Freemasonry want to move the Southern Baptist Convention in the direction of the World Council of Churches and a Concept of INTERFAITHISM, the idea that all Religions are pathways to God and World Government.

The rest of the people want to get back to the basics of the Bible. They’re saying, uh you’re going way too far, uh we don’t agree with you, uh, they’re bringing this up and exposing it again down at the convention in Houston that took place.

It’s also interesting to note that Mormonism, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Theosophical Society are all Founded by High Ranking Freemasons.

I don’t want to hammer on, on Mormons or single anyone out this evening but most Mormons are not aware of the fact that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were both 33rd Degree masons.

In fact if you go back and look at every pseudo-Christian Cult established in the 1800’s, I’m not aware of one of them that wasn’t founded by a Freemason. So as a result of my research and seeing this I had to take a closer look and look into it. And I have good reasons for believing as I do.

The other group of people involved, I want to take a look at people from Catholic backgrounds that might be involved in this. Again, I’m not gonna single out any certain group of people, I’m gonna cover on all a, all of them to be fair this evening. The Jesuit order of Catholocism has been specially active in this area. It’s interesting that Adam Weishaupt along with being a High Ranking Freemason was a Jesuit Priest.

43) Along with the other Founders of the Illuminati. There’s a very, a, tight, tight connection there. It’s believed, although it can’t be documented that Lincoln’s Assassination was collabor, uh, collaborated between the Highest Levels of Freemasonry and the Jesuits. Those people who have done more research on that than, uh, anyone else have come to those conclusions. It’s interesting that the next Pope in line, if he does become Pope, I’m talking about the arch-Bishop of Milan, uh, is extremely radical. I don’t believe he even calls himself a Christian, although he would probably try to get people to believe that way. I believe if he gets in we’ll see rapid movement forward even more than right now.

Theodore Hessburg who is the leading Catholic educator in the United States, a long time president of Notre Dame university until his resignation two years ago. Did you know that he was on the Board Of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations? The Board of Directors of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Board of Directors of Chase Manhattan Bank which is the main family bank of the Rockefellers. He, uh, his name is also appeared on numerous New Age Organization letterheads. The man is involved in this up to his ears. I, I, assure you.

If you are sending your child to a Private Catholic School you can no longer assume that some of these things aren’t getting in because there’s been a real concerted effort to try to get the New World Order teachings into Catholic Education as well, and into other Christian Schools. So if you have your kids in a Private School don’t let your guard down.

44) The current Pope. I just have this to say. How do you suppose the media would have reacted if Jerry Falwell or Jimmy Swaggart would have traveled to Denver and said the same things against abortion and some of the other comments that the Pope made? If they would have been the ones to do it? I believe the media would have cru, crucified em. And yet I didn’t hear one truly negative word said about this Pope. I thought that was very strange coming from a media that’s dominated by members of the Council on Foreign Relations. I came to realize that a few years ago, I think it was in 80, 1987, in October, the current Pope initiated a meeting to be held in Assisi Italy, which he invited the Religious Leaders of all the other Religions of the world including Buddhism, uh, Shintoism, the Dalai Llama was there who is a very close friend of the Pope, the Dalai Llama, by the way is viewed by New Agers as being the Leading Occult Master in the world.

The Pope led the audience together in a prayer to the one God, which to me is the same as saying that all religions are pathways to God. I saw one picture that I wish I would have saved but, I, I, I saw it, um, it’s still clear in my mind, of a Buddhist Monk laying on the ground in front of the Pope with his arms embraced around the Pope’s ankles. And I thought what in the world is going on here. How can a Buddhist monk embrace a Christian leader like that.

45) Just some food for thought. I’m not pointing the finger at anyone, but if you are Catholic I’m simply saying that your Leaders are not infallible. Only Jesus Christ is. And if you’re getting information, fro, and the same should be said about any Protestant Leaders. Whoever they are. They are not infallible. You need to get, your source of information needs to be the Bible, and you need to back these people up. As the early Church did with the Apostle Paul, they didn’t even listen to him and take everything he said, they went right back to the Word to match it up to see if this man was, uh, authoritative and if he did in fact speak the Truth, we need to do the same thing in the Church today. Whether you’re from a Protestant or Catholic background.

The other group I wanna talk about is the Jews. This is an issue that hits close to home, I have been a Lover of the Jewish people since a young boy. I grew up in a household that says the Jews are God’s Chosen People. God could have chosen any people in the world for Jesus Christ to live among. He could have chosen the Chinese, the Celtic people, the Gothic people, the Arab people. He chose the Jewish people. That’s something all of us have to live with.

I have run across more anti-Semitic remarks over the last two years than I would have imagined. I’ve had people take issue with me after speaking engagements because I refuse to come out and say that the Jews are behind this effort to bring about a World Government. And I simply told them I’m not gonna say that because I don’t believe it’s true.

46) I don’t believe that that’s the case. Yes, there are some Jews involved in this effort, just like there are people from Protestant, Catholic backgrounds and, and from all around the world. But I know as many Jewish people who are fighting alongside of me to try to expose this effort to try to bring about a New World Order as Jews involved in it. This is not a matter of people’s background.


People involved in the Occult whether they’re from a Jewish or from a Protestant or Catholic background or Buddhist or Hindu or whatever. These are the people trying to bring about this World Government. And unless you catch that you’re gonna get sidetracked. Now what, concerns me the most, is that as much as fifteen percent of the people involved in the effort to expose the New World Order and the New Age Movement, people who know that there’s a World Government Coming, and they’re trying to expose it, as much as fifteen percent of em now I’d say, have become anti-Semitic. They realize there’s a problem and they wanna stop it. And it’s as if they wanna point the finger somewhere, somebody who’se behind it. Instead of just looking at this on an individual by individual basis. And once again, as in the past, the Jews are becoming the scapegoat. And more and more the Christians. This is going to be one era I believe where Jews and Christians are gonna be persecuted side by side. And I don’t know which group is going to be persecuted first.

47) But I wanna say to you if the Jewish people in America begin to be persecuted, it is our obligation as Christians, as servants of Jesus Christ to try to stand in the gap. Even if it appears to be in a losing effort at the time. You know we don’t hear much about the German Christians that stood up for the Jews. There were tens of thousands of, of German Christians, most of them from Protestant backgrounds, some from a Catholic background who went to the gas chamber along with the Jews. Now some people say, well, obviously their effort failed because the holocaust happened anyway. It doesn’t matter, they did what was right in the sight of God. And our reward is an eternal reward, not one in this world, and I know that’s hard to remember, I remind myself of that constantly. There have been several times in the past year when I wanted to quit, believe me. With some of the opposition we’re facing and some of the things we’re going through. But I keep reminding myself that our reward is not of this world. It comes in eternity.

Too many of us assess a problem or situation and our involvement in it on whether or not we’re gonna have to sacrifice anything. But if it’s gonna cost you some money and some time and maybe, uh, I might even lose my job over it, I’m not gonna take a stand on it. Well, if that’s true, how do you think you’re gonna hold up when the real persecution starts? And if people, u, if you have to put your line, ul, your life on the line for Jesus Christ? It’s good to start practicing these things now. We need to do what is right as, or simply necessarily simply because it is right because Christ has called us to do these things. And to be the Salt of the Earth and to take a Stand for Righteousness right down to the end.

48) The Jews that are involved are Kabbalah Jews. Your Occult Jews. These are the same types of people that gave the Apostle Paul who was also a Jew a hard time. The early Gnostics were predominantly Jewish. As were your Kabbalah. Now what has happened with Kabbalism and Gnosticism is the same thing that has happened to Christianity except in, in Occult parallel.

Christianity began with the Jews and spread to the Gentiles so that today a majority of Christians in the world are Gentiles. The same thing happened with Kabbalism. It started among the Jews, but within a few centuries, a, I, I believe a majority of the Kabbalists in the world were Gentiles.

There are many Kabbalists in Freemasonry, who are not Jewish. Albert Pike was one of them. He was recognized as the leading authority on the Occult in the United States at the time. You can not assume that because someone is a Kabbalist that they are a Jew. They are not synonymous, and that is another mistake that people have made. Kabbalism drew it’s teaching from the Ancient Mystery Religions. It’s a hodge-podge of Occult Teachings From Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Syria, incorporating some Baal Worship and other Pantheistic ideas tailor made for the Jewish people. They kept some of the names of the Jewish leaders such as Abraham and Moses, but gave them different meanings. Moses, for example, instead of the Law Giver to the Jews, became a High Ranking Occult Master who was indoctrinated into the, the Occult Teachings of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Whose purpose was to share these enlightened teachings with the Israelites. So it’s a Very Deceptive Way in which this was presented.

49) Another group I want to talk about is your Eastern Mystics. Or New Agers in this country. New Agers are simply believers in Eastern Mysticism or Pantheism which is the Core Religion underlying all of your Eastern Religions. Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism. All of them have Pantheistic roots. These people, because they believe that God is a Force, and don’t believe in a personal concept of a God Creator such as Jews and Christians do, the, but because they believe that God is a Force, they believe that if they can help to bring about a World Government, that at that moment when World Government is formed this God-Force will be unified and all people involved in helping to bring about this World Government will receive Supernatural Occult Power and will take a Quantum Leap to a Higher Level of Existence. They, this is right in line with the Concepts of Evolution, they believe we’re going to evolve one step upward yet. This is why they are supporting this World Government effort, it’s because of their Religious Beliefs and their Pantheism. Just a, a, a couple of comments on the M, on Islam. This is a big enigma to many people. They believe that the Islamic people believe in one God. The same concept as the Christian concept and, and Jewish concept of God. But Dave Hunt pointed something out to me, it’s the first time I heard it, he’s done a lot of research on this. Most of you know Dave Hunt don’t ya? Christian writer?

50) He pointed out that in the Ancient Arabic Pantheon, where they practiced Pantheism, just like Ancient Rome, Egypt and these other countries, the name of the Chief god of the Pantheon was Allah. The same as the god of Islam today. It has Pantheistic roots.

And I believe Mohammad possibly understood this. I don’t know for sure, but I believe even the Islamic people are being misled. One of my friend’s father is the director of Campus Crusade for Christ for the country of Lebanon. He’s an Arab Christian.

And has shared with me that the Druze Muslims which he is most familiar with are structured as a Secret Society. Pantheism is practiced in the highest levels. So even Islam is involved in this.

I believe the purpose of Islam in the Middle East is to unleash a massive wave of Radicalism to Precipitate a Crisis in the Middle East. Possibly that could be used to bring about the World Government. Moves, big steps toward World Government have always taken place after major World Crisis. World war one led to the forming of the League Of Nations. World War 2, to the forming of the United Nations. I believe probably it will take one more major crisis before the people of the world accept a World Government. It may be in the Middle East.


51) I thought you’d find that interesting. The Motivation at the Core of this we’ve already, uh, gone through much of this. Money and Politics is a Big Motivation. Some of your International Bankers see themselves sitting on top of the Global Banking Empire that will exist along with the World Government. And for this reason are helping to, uh, support it into being. People involved in the political realm I believe feel that if they help support the world government now they might hold key positions of leadership in the World Government once it’s formed.

Then you have all of your New Agers or Pantheists involved in this effort. Who sincerely believe that they’re going to bring about World Peace and World Unity. They don’t think they’re involved in anything bad.

At the Core of this, however, of this Pantheistic New Age Movement we have Lucifer Worship.

They believe Lucifer is the god of Light and that adonai, the god of the Christian (sic), is the god of darkness. They believe that Lucifer is coming to Liberate Mankind and to set him free from the Bondage that adonai has placed him under. In other words, a Liberation of Humanity to do anything they want to do. Much like Shirley McClaine says, “We are our own gods, we can do whatever we want”. That’s the very first deception. When the serpent came to Eve in the garden what did he say? “Eat of this fruit and you shall be as gods and you shall never die”. It’s the same old stuff. And at the, at the Highest Levels of this They Worship the source of this information which is Lucifer himself. And I know this may be difficult for some of you to believe that people are actually that evil, but they are.

52) If you read some of the quotes in my book from the writings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who founded, uh, Lucifer Magazine and who also founded the Theosophical Society,

She Was A High Ranking Female Mason

um, you’ll see otherwise, you’ll see this is very real. Also, Allison Foster Bailey Founded Lucifer Publishing Company in early 1920’s, which today is still in existence under a different name and it’s called Lucis Trust. And many of the leaders of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission as I document in my book are also involved in Lucis Trust. This Organization was founded as Lucifer Publishing Company. You can not tell me these people are unaware of what they are involved in. Most people have simply been Duped into supporting this and really believe that World Government is good and is necessary. Not everyone in favor of World Government is a New Ager. They bought the big lie. But I know of a number of Christians who see absolutely nothing wrong with World Government. They happen to be Christians that don’t take the Book of Revelation very seriously and I don’t wanna say anything negative against all millenialists, but I wanna say this. I feel that by believing that way and not believing the Prophecies of Revelations which are about to happen and which are in the process of happening I, I believe you’re helping to set yourself up for a deception. And not to heed the warnings that God has put in the Bible for a time such as this. So I, I would just urge you to reconsider your, your position. That’s all I’m saying.


53) And I hope that you would memorize these and be able to articulate them to friends of yours. And I’ve already had several people come up to me and tell me, uh, when they share this with their relatives or friends or people they work with, uh, these people never thought of this. And they actually realized, yea, those are pretty good reasons for not having a World Government.

Number one If we go into a World Government, there would be no more System of Checks and Balances. It be wiped out. The type of system we have here in the United States that was guaranteed under our Constitution by our founding fathers would be out the window. There would be One Government over the Entire World. Whoever is in Charge of That Government Runs The World. The orders would come down from the top. Where would we run or hide if this World Government was corrupt? Or began to persecute Christians or Jews? There wouldn’t be any place left to go to. It, it, it just nonsense if you think about it logically, to throw in the towel and give up our current system of checks and balances.

Secondly In a World Government there would be no more U.S. Constitution. At least not in the way we know it. There would have to be Major Changes in our Constitution to make it Legal for us to go into a World Government. I cringe at the thought of our U.S. Constitution no longer being in this country because it has served us so well. And I believe the people that drafted it were, uh, inspired in a way, divinely, possibly by the Lord, to put that document together, that has guaranteed us the freedoms for so long. The only reason we still have the freedoms that we have isn’t because of any good works we’ve done in the last two generations. We’re living on borrowed time because of the wisdom of our founding fathers. It’s because of their wisdom that we are still fortunate enough, it’s, it’s lasted this long.

54) A third reason why World Government is dangerous or wrong is that the Power would be moved further away from the people. We would have less of a say in things, not more of a say. Probably the biggest complaint I’ve heard from people over the last couple years traveling around the country is that they feel that they no longer have a say in things in Washington. That our elected officials are doing their own thing. Now that being as it may be, imagine how much worse it would be now if we have a World Government and the same thing takes place there. And this World Government will probably eventually be headquartered somewhere else. Maybe in Europe. Do you really think we’re gonna have more of a say in things? I don’t think so.

A fourth reason. We’d have an additional layer of TAXES. This world government has to be funded somehow. We already have Local Government, State Government, Federal Government, now we’d have World Government. In fact N.A.F.T.A. is creating new agencies just to enforce N.A.F.T.A. Um, I was in Canada and there were some good articles I saw up there. All the different Agencies that are gonna be Created just to Enforce N.A.F.T.A. It, it’s creating a whole new layer of Government Bureaucracy. Furthermore, State Governments, if these people have their way, would become purely symbolic or would Lose Their Power entirely. Which is ironic that State gouerme, Governors are now helping to support all this into being, not realizing that if they succeed they’re gonna be out of a job. It doesn’t make any sense, but I think most of them aren’t aware of it.

55) A fifth reason. Americans would probably constitute only a Minority of the Leadership in this World Government. The way things are shaping up right now a bulk of the people would be coming from your Far Eastern countries of India, Pakistan, also a very large number from Europe. So we would be giving up control of our say in things to other people with other belief systems from around the world.

A sixth reason. It’s that those at the Forefront of Pushing for a World Government are in many cases, I’d say a Majority of them, are involved in the Occult. And are very anti-Christian and anti-Semitic, and that alone is a good reason for opposing this, if nothing else. If these people get into power it’s only a matter of time before they start coming after Christians. They’re already looking at ways now to take tax exempsch, exemption away from Churches. Are you aware of that? Especially from organizations that are taking a stand on this topic. We almost incorporated and got nonprofit status twice. In 1993. And every time we got a call from an organization that was being harassed because they were taking a stand. And the reason the government was able to do it was because they were 501 C 3.

56) So we for that reason have not gotten that status. I’m not saying all of you who are involved in nonprofit organizations oughta undo that, but consider structuring yourself very carefully because it’s going to come. It’s a matter of time, but it is going to come. And if you Take A Stand on Political or Economic Issues and Spiritual Issues which they’re, which they’re now trying to Politicize, they’re gonna try to silence you and they’re gonna say, ” we’re gonna take your Tax Exemption away if you don’t stop talking out on these things”. You know, Churches that have a debt of 1.5 or 2 Million Dollars who just built a Big Church Building, they’de be threatened with extinction, if they lost their tax exempt status and I believe this is going to be used as Blackmail over them to get them to be quiet. We need to be aware of these things.

In closing I just wanna encourage you not to allow yourself to become overwhelmed by this information. That is not the intent of it. It is designed to bring you closer to Jesus Christ. Those of you who have not accepted Christ, I hope that this information and the Bible prophecies which predicted that such times would come, would get you to seriously consider, what Christ did for us on the Cross, when he paid the price for our sins. No other being or perse, person ever, was perfect. And it took a Perfect Sacrifice On The Cross to pay the price for our sins. None of us here tonight is good enough to get into heaven on our own merit.

57) It doesn’t matter how many good works you do. Doesn’t matter how much money you give to children’s hospital or charities. All that is good, but that will not get you into heaven. I believe with all my heart that we are living in the last of the last days. I don’t believe in setting dates, I’m opposed to that, but things are happening so quickly now that unless the Lord does a Miracle, and unless the people in this country, the Christians of this country wake up quickly, I believe these things could well fall into place yet in the 1990’s. I think that’s a real possibility. We’re going to have to know what we believe and why we believe it. We’re going to have to be able to stand firm in the faith.

We’re going to have to be informed, so that we don’t get sucked into some of these False Teachings ourselves. We’re gonna have tu inform our children and be careful in how we instruct them. We need to go through some of their curriculum, and if they’re being taught in, in some public schools, encouraging them to be, consider, to consider themselves as being Global Citizens rather than Citizens of the United States. All this stuff is coming in now. We have our work cut out for us. It isn’t an easy time to be alive, no it isn’t. Probably 30 or 40 years ago it was much easier to be a Christian in this country than it is now. And we’re going to be harassed.

58) But it’s also an exciting time to be alive. Cause we have more of a reason to believe in Christ today than any generation ever. Because we are seeing these Prophecies being fulfilled. We see Israel become, uh, a Nation in the last generation. Something that people in the 1800’s, many thought, even Christian scholars thought would never happen, they thought it was impossible. And it’s happened. We’ve seen this World Government coming together piece by piece. The Technology is now available to track people wherever they go. Smart Highways are being constructed in California and Florida that will be able to track cars within three years. Every, anywhere you go. Transponders are going to be placed in new cars coming out by 1997. We’re living in a world that is ge, getting smaller and smaller. We need to be focused on Christ.

Let’s bow in a word of prayer:

Father in heaven, we thank you for your goodness, for your graciousness, for the undeserved privileges, Lord, that you’ve bestowed upon us. The freedom of worship that we still have, Lord, that we’ve taken for granted for so long. Lord, we thank you for all your many blessings in this country. We ask for your forgiveness, Lord, for being so complacent in the Church. For being hypocrites. For not being true to the call. Lord, I pray this evening that everyone’s heart would be touched, that you’d commission your Holy Spirit to work in the heart of every individual here this evening.

59) That they would not leave, Lord, without having made a firm commitment to you. The time is short and You’ve given us a job to do. Help us to be effective. Give us wisdom. Give us knowledge and a sound mind. Most of all, Lord, give us Love for the people involved in these things, Lord, that we wouldn’t see them as enemies, but as people who are misled and who really don’t understand the Truth. Help us to effectively share your gospel with them. Lord, we pray for the protection of every individual here this evening. Because I do believe there is a spiritual battle being waged in the heavenly realm. And those of us who are taking a stand and who are going to go forth from this place and really try to do something I know we’re gonna come under opposition. I just pray that You would prepare us, that You would protect us as well as our families. In Jesus’ name.

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