Prince Charles: Climate Change is the Greatest Challenge Facing Humanity

Re: Prince Charles’ Video Message To World Leaders Yesterday For UN Meeting On Climate Change

If you listen carefully to his message to all world leaders yesterday, you will note he clearly refers to his enormously powerful “Corporate Leaders Group” and “The Climate Group” which the author of THE LIGHT BULB MAFIA, John D. Christian, recently extensively wrote about (book may be downloaded off the web), showing how, with his INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LEADERS FORUM, Prince Charles now, personally rules and controls the entire world!

This is what Matthew 24:24 is warning about, “IF IT WERE POSSIBLE, THEY SHALL DECEIVE THE VERY ELECT,” and what is prophesied to come in Revelation 12:9 about the elusive red dragon, the mascot on the Prince’s coat of arms and emblem of the City of London Corporation. The level of seduction is very subtle and incredibly clever, far above most people’s ability to even begin to discern it.

The deception is now almost complete isn’t it? While now leading the global revolution and war against the common mortal enemy, ‘Climate Change’ (as set out in the Treaty of Rome) to unite the world, and through the merger of socialism with corporatism, introduce a Fascist World Police State, headed by a World Dictator, yours truly, who Plato nearly 400 years before the time of Christ dreamed would one day become a world saviour and World Philosopher King, that Christians now identify as Antichrist.

If you listen carefully to him now, you will understand that he is now WARNING the world that soon cataclysmic destructive events over the earth are going to rapidly increasingly occur if man does not conform to his radical “Environmental” New World Order dictatorship.

Perhaps? – the constellation of 12 LASER SATELLITES due for launch in 2017, the nuclear-driven Deuterium Fluorine Chemical Mid Infrared laser weapon on the International Space Station (now controlled by Russia), the Russian SURA and American HAARP bases that can now manipulate the ionosphere and magnetic field of the earth to throw it off its axis, with other powerful weather weapons, nuclear tsunami bombs etc. into the bargain, are soon to be used to give his occult predictions a ‘little kick off’’ to prove the skeptics and resisters were all wrong, and that after all, the deception is the undeniable truth, and that, he was completely right after all!

Here is the news article by Telegraph.

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