Ebola crisis and deliberate plan to drastically reduce world population

You will not hear about this in your local newspaper or TV propaganda news.

It is difficult for most ordinary people to understand how desperately wicked all our world leaders actually are.

But the current “Ebola Crisis”, although it is still in its early stages yet, is part of a much bigger deliberately orchestrated plot to “militarize health”, create a number of cataclysmic events using weather weapons, introduce global chaos and ultimately kill off a big part of the world’s population of “useless eaters” using biological weapons, vaccines and viruses, etc. under a New World Order global police state headed by a reformed Fascist/Communist United Nations.

Here is just a VERY SHORT video clip [for even those with low IQs (university graduates) so everybody down to the lowest denominator can get the message] showing what is really happening now and was deliberately planned by the CDC DECADES AGO!

Although it is easy to think so, it is not only Americans who are under threat. It is everybody in every country. While individually it may be difficult to alter what is happening now, surely at least we owe it to ourselves and our children to be properly informed and not support this interminable madness promoted by these scoundrels and charlatans. Don’t allow either yourself or your children to be vaccinated! Soon ignorance is going to punish – big time!

It is not Osama bin Laden’s offspring or ISIS insurgents that you have to worry about. It is much closer to home, outwardly good family men in white shirts, “the traitor within” as Cicero used to say. Could it be Ebola bin Obama?

Have you ever wondered why the Freemasonic Mother Earth goddess FREEDOM surmounted over the US Capitol in Washington D.C. is supported by the ancient Roman FASCES? The ancient symbol of Hitler’s Nazi FASCISM. There is a reason you know and it’s not Christian!

Have you heard them talking about ISIS “beheadings”? In ancient Rome there was a saying when the empire was ruled by a dictator and the lictors’ carried the fasces (a bundle of rods bound with an axe head to symbolize the power of the dictator to behead) – “At once to scourge and decapitate”.

I appreciate this video clip is just a few minutes, of literally hours and hours & volumes & volumes of factual evidence on the subject.

But just tryin’ to keep it plain & simple for y’all!


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