Breaking News: Lord Mayor’s Show on November 8 2014 in London, must watch!

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I watch the TV News not to learn about what is really happening throughout the world, but to learn what interminable propaganda tripe they are feeding to the ignorant mob.

Anyway, having watched, once again, the insulting, endless trivia on our NZ TV News this evening, 28 October 2014 (they even had a whole part in it leading their supposed ‘international section of the news’ on our national rugby team the All Blacks arriving in Chicago of all things – hardly international news! I would have thought – [which should have been in the sports section anyway], they are so desperate to dumb down the public masses and university educated simpletons) and I think the financial report in it was less than 30-seconds long simply there to justify the fact ‘finance’ is included but really contains absolutely nothing of substance at all – I am feeling a little wound up this evening with the increasing general apathy and ignorance of almost everybody at present so I thought I would formulate a little email to help wind everybody else up as well!!!!!

While the British Sovereign (and NOT THE WHITE MONKEY IN THE VATICAN I might add, as so many erroneously claim) now totally rules the world, (and soon her eldest son), through the control of the CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION, (a separate kingdom in London) that is soon going to introduce the 666 mark of the beast in the forehead or right hand for all buying and selling, I thought I would remind you all that in just a week’s time, (although it will not be published in our media here) will be the LORD MAYOR’S SHOW on 8 November 2014 in London to celebrate the enthronement of the new Lord Mayor and show to the world the City of London Corporation’s supreme control of every major bank and corporation in the world under the patronage of the RED DRAGON, both the symbol of the City itself and the Prince of Wales. Perhaps, at least one of you emailers might like to set aside a little time from your busy schedules and educate yourselves a little and watch this controversial show and parade on the 8th when it occurs, to help appreciate what is taking place and why you are all being endlessly lied to by experts through the City of London-controlled multi-national corporate global media.

Now the the Bible in Revelation 13:4 prophesies that in the last days heralding the introduction of this cashless 666 mark of the beast system for all buying and selling ending with the battle at Armageddon etc. the WHOLE WORLD (except genuine Christians) is going to literally worship this DRAGON. You may ask, “Surely? People are not that mentally retarded, that stupid are they? – to literally worship the dragon, epithet of Satan? You must be kidding. No I am not. Watch this video:

Extremely cunning and incredibly subtle isn’t it? Not bad for a pack of apostate Anglican Protestants eh? This is what happens when you hypocritically go to church on Sunday, participate in Masonic ritual and worship Juno Moneta at the same time!

Good Evening everybody.



My additional comments:


About eight years ago I brought several copies of a book named ‘Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course’ to an I.S.E.C. meeting that describes in great detail how the Anglo-British “sovereign” rules the world.

The introduction is only three pages long. This introduction identifies the fastest growing quasi-Christian world-wide ecumenical evangelistic program that is financed by Marxist Jews. It is only three pages long. Please read the introduction. The ebook is attached for your easy access to the introduction and the entire book.

As only one important piece of material within the book I will quote from pages 50-51 as an example of what is contained within.

Niall Ferguson in The World’s Banker devotes an entire sub-section in chapter 27, pages 881-890, to the Rhodes/Rothschilds relationship entitled,’Rhodes and the Rothschilds’, he writes:

“The origins of the Rothschilds’ relationship with Rhodes can be traced back to 1882, when Natty sent the firm’s former San Francisco agent Albert Gansl to Kimberley… By 1899, N.M. Rothschild & Sons were the second biggest in DeBeers (with 31,666 shares), only slightly fewer than Barnato’s nephews the Joel brothers (33,576). Rhodes had only 13,537: Beit 11,858. It was to prove a superb investment… So convinced was he (Rhodes) that Natty would help realize his vision that in June 1888 he revised his will in order to leave him all his property bar 2000 DeBeers shares (which he left to his brothers and sisters). To leave several hundred thousand pounds to one of the richest men in the world might seem perverse; but in a letter accompanying the will Rhodes intimated to Natty that the money should be used to found what his biographer has called ‘a society of the elect for the good of the empire’. ‘In considering question suggested take Constitution of the Jesuits if obtainable’, Rhodes scribbled, ‘ and insert English Empire for Roman Catholic Religion’.”

And that is exactly what Natty and his successors today have precisely done!

If the attachment does not open to the ebook, it can be located at, then type in ‘Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course’ in the search field.


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