Breaking News: 686th New Lord Mayor Sworn in During Gala Event in London

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I thought, just for some interest, I would draw everyone’s attention to the new Lord Mayor of the City of London Corporation’s Show and Procession in London this weekend, since other than in the BRITISH ISLES, the oligarchy don’t generally broadcast the event, and generally censor news reports about it in other countries as it symbolizes London’s control of all world international banking and commerce, and as they don’t like to upset the simple-minded too much by reminding all other countries (including the United States, China and Russia etc) that they are all slaves, they usually keep it more a local affair.

The City of London Corporation was founded in the 12th century, and was once controlled by the Vatican, but after Henry 8th broke with Rome, and English Protestant Jewish bankers took over the Roman Catholic Church’s assets in Britain, the British Rothschilds through their Italian agent, Torlonia, bailed out the Vatican between about 1840 and 1870 with a series of loans as the Holy See was broke, and then culminating in 1929 with the Lateran Treaty, the British Sovereign and City of London bankers with Freemasonry’s United Grand Lodge of England took over complete control of the Vatican and Holy See when the Pope became an invalid puppet.

The situation we have today is that the whole show, worldwide, is currently now run from London by a small group of devious, money hungry, power hungry, occult adepts and apostate Protestants. It is they who are the real controlling power behind bringing in the New World Order world government dictatorship. The ones who control the UN, and everything else.

It’s an extensive subject, and I have written books about it, but simplified, the Lord Mayor, who is elected once a year, rules the City of London Corporation, however it is under a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ only as the British Sovereign (presently Queen Elizabeth II) has the power to RESCIND the Lord Mayor’s massive global power at any time, and in the swearing in ceremony at the beginning of his term, the Lord Mayor takes an Oath to the Sovereign. A few books have been written incorrectly stating that this is not the case, but it is a fact the Sovereign rules the City. In fact, the “Queen” is mentioned in Revelation 18:7. There are also three demon deities that rule of the City. The first is the RED DRAGON epithet for Satan, and he is represented on the City Coat of Arms and statues of him appear throughout the City. The second two demon-deities are GOG and MAGOG who are the occult guardians of the the City.

The dragon and what he is to do in the last days (which most Christians believe we are living in now), was prophesied by John in AD 96 in Revelation 12, (linked to the soon-coming global mark of the 666 beast in the forehead or in the right hand for all buying and selling etc. prophesied in Revelation 13). Gog and Magog, and the details about what they are to do, and what is going to happen to them, as they come up against Israel, are prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39 (written 595-574 BC) and in Revelation 20:8.

Ezekiel 39:6 states: (Bible scholars have, for over 2,500 years, often wondered what this prophecy means) “And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the LORD.”

Well, have a look at this remarkable photo taken of GOG and MAGOG in the Lord Mayor’s Show and Procession this weekend in the link below!

Note, Gog and Magog are made of wicker (which quite literally can be burned), whose end is to be burned with fire as prophesied by the prophet Ezekiel 2,500 years ago! Why are they to be burned? They are going to come up against the land of Israel and against God.

GOG is carrying what looks like a ball on a chain in his right hand. What is it? It is the Star of Lucifer symbolizing that all those in the City of London now worship Lucifer.

MAGOG is crowned with a dragon, the symbol of Satan who sees himself and his occult cohorts soon ruling the New World Order.

Interesting isn’t it? Amazing how Ezekiel prophesied about these events over 2,500 years ago, and yet incredibly, there actually are people now who don’t believe the Bible!

How lucky we all are to be living in exciting times such as these, when all these momentous events are beginning to happen, right now, this weekend, before our very eyes!!!!!!! But sadly, once again, not on the British-controlled 6 o’clock news or Anglo/American controlled media!

Not bad for a devious band of apostate Protestants eh?


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