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Dear Jack,

I live in Germany teaching at a major university in Berlin at present and a friend in Switzerland sends me your emails. I believe amazing and thought provoking. I and my wife are becoming unsettled at the course events are taking in Europe especially in relation to Ukraine and Russia.

You mentioned the Lord Mayor’s Show on the weekend with the City of London Corporation ruling the financial world. At first it seems hard to believe but I have checked out some of your claims and cannot fault them. For sure the media here is totally manipulated and controlled and you cannot hardly believe a thing. A lot of people watch RT news but as that is Russian I don’t trust that as well. For a fact I no many of our biggest companies are indirectly owned by the British so it all makes sense what you say. Can you refer me to a good website that will give me a better understanding about the City of London Corporation and its secret global power.

Thanks for your work.

Hans F.


Hi Hans,


Many thanks for your pertinent comments and encouragement. As you can imagine, it is a battle!

One of the best short clips on YouTube at present about the global secret power of City of London Corporation is a 35-minute clip here:

“David Icke giving a tour around London City (Babylon-don)” by David Icke (which is the introduction to a much longer 3-hour video interview of his with Arizona Wilder, a top US mind-control slave, who has conducted child ritual sacrifice in the City at the highest levels, but most ordinary people not versed in the occult will struggle to appreciate her testimony or even understand how wicked most of these leaders she refers to are). But the introduction here I think most people can handle and is very good! David Icke is not a fundamentalist Christian like myself, and naturally he puts his own slant on things, however in my opinion, he still has a very good understanding of how the City secretly operates, how powerful, hypocritical, corrupt and pagan it actually is, of course, conveniently hiding under the cloak of Protestant Christianity.

You may also like to look at the City of London Corporation’s own website itself, the Guildhall Livery Companies and the TWELVE GREAT COMPANIES with their subsidiary companies as well, that control the whole world including the Vatican, EU and US etc. Also look at Mansion House too. This is the final great “city” and “queen” prophesied in Revelation chapter 18 in the King James Bible or in your own Luther Bible to rule the world – and ultimately be destroyed. Your Pergamon Altar (Satan Seat) in Berlin is also connected as well (another subject) and dare we say the current British Monarch is more German than anything else! You will find quite a lot on the Internet about the City, but unfortunately you need a lot of discernment as not all of it is true.

Enjoy the study.



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