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Have been re-reading the Draft NZ Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill this evening and have noted a few more pertinent details.

Re: New Zealand Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill

To illustrate how desperately evil these people really are, apart from the outrageous penalties in Section 37 (4) (and we can’t blame others in other countries or the pharmaceutical mafia overseas either for this Bill, this is being drafted by our very own medical devils – yes literal devils!) if you look at this draft of the Bill on the link , for example, in Section 37 (5) their definition of “sale” includes a) every method of disposition for valuable consideration, including barter, and b) disposal by way of gambling… and c) to give or distribute, in the course of business, as a sample or otherwise, without charge.

This effectively means if a person manufactures or even gives away any Natural Health Product at all that is not REGISTERED by way of having a Product Notification issued will be treated as a common criminal!!!! equal to a heroin dealer or major hard drug dealer! Can you imagine being stopped at a drink/drive police check which in the future are planned to be reformed to become a full police state check for everything – if they find a bottle of Vitamin C or bottle of Colloidal silver without a Product Notification identification label on it, you will be arrested forthwith and then heavily fined.

2. Note that in Section 38 (1) a person commits an offence who knowingly manufactures a natural health and supplementary product in contravention of Section 28 (1), which means that if you, for example, make up some colloidal silver at home to give away to your friends or others to treat a health issue, you have committed an offence under this section and an individual faces a fine of $50,000 or a naturopath or health shop faces a fine of $250,000 FOR EACH PRODUCT OFFENCE!!!!!!

I hate to say it, but as I see it, all of the products that will be registered (presently about 5,500 on the draft list I understand) that will be able to be sold by health shops or pharmacies will be highly regulated and only be allowed to have limited health benefit claims attached to them. All other products, (the most effective) not registered will be completely outlawed.

Of course, as we know the pressure for creating this new Bill is coming from the overseas medical and pharmaceutical mafia in the US, EU and Australia who’ve got this sort of draconian policy already, but that is no excuse for our mob of unethical doctors and MPs here to bring in this oppressive legislation, and for us as a nation to just sit back and apathetically not say a word.

Even the Nazis were not this bad!

Funny how at the same time they are doing this they are proceeding to pass this new Antiterrorism Bill, allowing them to arrest anyone (exactly who, they won’t say) and hold them for 48-hours without a warrant, without even charging the person, without giving him access to a lawyer or even his own family, just enough time to thoroughly check your car and flat for illicit drugs – Vitamin C!

I can just see the headlines now in 2-years time: ‘Undercover cops raid major drug dealer: Caught with 2 kgs of high grade Vitamin C – estimated street value on black market $4 million.’

As you often say, people really do totally deserve what’s coming!

What a Mad House!



*Like with no or greatly limited health benefit claims, but all the rest will be outlawed placing them in the same category as heroine or cocaine.

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