Health Freedom Outlawed! Australian Medical and Pharmaceutical Mafia Relating to New Zealand Draft Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill

Now with the enormous power of the Internet we can access what never before was ever available!

Have been looking at the Australian Federal and State Government health documents tonight, and one thing comes out time and time again is that their policies are being controlled by UN agencies and “stakeholders” which in reality are global FASCIST pharmaceutical multinationals and medical associations, soon also to be thrust upon New Zealand too. One of the most effective, private health-related whistleblowing organizations in Australia to date has been the AUSTRALIAN VACCINATION NETWORK that has been warning against the dangers of vaccinations and corruption in the medical establishment while promoting Natural Health Products and Black Salve to cure cancer.

Well, recently, just a couple of weeks ago, in November 2014, as a result of this, the Parliament of New South Wales, COMMITTEE ON THE HEALTH CARE COMPLAINTS COMMISSION released a shocking Report 5/55 THE PROMOTION OF FALSE AND MISLEADING HEALTH-RELATED INFORMATION AND PRACTICES to inquire into and report on possible measures to address the promotion of what they call “unscientific health-related information or practices which may be detrimental to individual or public health” – targeting all those people and organizations who support Natural health products, food and natural cures like Black Salve and oppose vaccinations.

If you Google, Australia – False and Misleading Health-Related Information and Practices November 2014 you will be able to find and read this shocking report. What a shocker!

The Australians are so corrupt that at the end of the Report (page 44) the numbered names of some of the submitter have been SUPPRESSED!!! and noted accordingly (presumably global UN organizations and pharmaceutical mafia they don’t want the public to see!).

The chief identifiable rats on the list are the same, Royal College of Pathologists of Australia, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Australian Medical Association etc.

In sub-sections at the front is the preparation of a coming attack against all those who oppose vaccinations. In sub-section 3:14 is the attack against Black Salve.

Some of this has been included in our draft Bill as well.

What is coming soon is the greatest FASCIST NAZI-STYLE GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP AND TYRANNY this world has ever known! – and as was the case in Nazi Germany, the medical profession are amongst the most vile offenders (second to lawyers and judges!!). And like the Nazis too, they are so arrogant and cocky, they have the cheek to put all their nefarious plans into writing – so when their trial finally comes they will all be summarily convicted by their very own words.




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