You Need To Know About This Year’s Flu Vaccine!

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As far as I’m aware, the international pharmaceutical mafia, through their local agents, the Australian and New Zealand Ministry of Health, and their gang of Medical Doctors, in the last 4 or 5 years, including this year in 2014, have been promoting the deadly FLUVAX vaccine supposedly to protect against the flu, lying through their teeth about it as per normal. A very persuasive video was made here in New Zealand in 2013 encouraging people to get it using a naive man, Mark McIIroy, as a propaganda puppet, who allegedly lost his wife after supposedly contracting the flu. (There has been no clinical evidence ever released of what she actually died of). In a way, I do feel sorry for some people because the propaganda is very persuasive, and unless you do take a reasonable amount of time to study the subject you will inevitable be deceived and forever remain a mindless sheep. Tough I know, but this is the fact.

Here is the Government propaganda video and info about it: and  Please DO READ THE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!! below these articles. They are very well put and are very informative!

The FLUVAX Vaccine is absolutely deadly, and this is the flu vaccine, or a similar vaccine to it, as far as I’m aware, that is still being used by doctors in both New Zealand and Australia at present. When the vaccine was first released, huge numbers of young children suffered serious adverse reactions from it, usually brain damage, which in the most part has been wickedly hushed up by the medical mafia.

Following their 11-month-old daughter, Saba, becoming severely disabled from receiving the Fluvax flu vaccine on April 19, 2010, a West Australian family in Perth, Mr & Mrs Button, filed a multi-million-dollar claim against the vaccine manufacturers, CSL Limited. The family filed their claim in Australia’s Federal Court against the vaccine manufacturer, following which the company cross-claimed against the State of Western Australia and the W. A. Health Minister. Around June 2014, a SECRET SETTLEMENT was reached between the family’s legal counsel, the Company and the W. A. Health Minister. Following this, the company and Ministry of Health in both countries now issue a global warning to physicians that the vaccine is unsafe to be given to children under 5-years of age – YET THEY ARE STILL AGGRESSIVELY PROMOTING THIS INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS FLU VACCINE, AND HAVE NOT TAKEN IT OFF THE MARKET AT ALL!  re the settlement:

And believe it or not, (to my shame) I still have some family and friends who still continue to have blind faith in their family doctor or medical specialist, and continue to believe the endless claptrap that vaccines are safe and good for you which they are not. When I was going to school there were only 3 or 4 vaccines which was bad enough, but now there are 30 or 40 in the poisonous cocktail and its a wonder the entire youth of the nation haven’t gone completely mad by now (some would challenge that statement I know too).

Virtually all doctors now are being controlled by their State Health Department, controlled globally by the United Nations World Health Organisation, which is a plainly FASCIST organisation. Therefore, it is only inevitable that all doctors in the future, (if history repeats itself, and it looks like it will), if they are not already, they certainly will in the future,  become nothing less than a highly paid gang of common thieves and psychopathic killers.

My only concern is that, if people can’t even understand medical basics like adverse reactions from vaccinations (yes, we’ve almost got 100% of all children vaccinated now in NZ!) , not unlike Hitler’s Third Reich, 99% of the general population will continue believe the deadly propaganda and end up murdering their own children (as did most Germans under the Fuehrer!

I mean, really, the money pharmaceutical mafia are making billions selling this snake oil with ever more and more new vaccines that don’t work, and if anything they severely damage your health or kill you. Funny how the Bible’s epithet of Satan is the subtle Serpent, which is become the worldwide spiritual symbol of the pharmaceutical and medical community that, like real-life vipers, are now the world’s most deadly animals on earth. (Yes, even worse than lawyers and bankers, and that’s saying something, because they take some beating too!)

And, like real vipers too, they are the most cleverly disguised ambush predators of all, who cunningly lie in wait for the naive and unwary to strike them, inject them with their deadly poison leading to their untimely death. Yes, not unlike the devious scribes, lawyers, Pharisees and Sadducees at the time of Christ, the medical profession have now conformed to fit this description perfectly too.

And will the NZ Ministry of Health distribute this factual material below about the flu vaccines???

Not on your Nelly!



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