Privatization Of The World: Police Forces

Hi Jack

Take a look at this rubbish happening over here at present. Almost unbelievable!!!!!!! You think you’ve got problems in NZ, nothing compared to over here in Australia.

Do you know who owns Santos, the giant Australian Oil and Gas Company? It looks like they are going to have Queensland Police Force run by private mining companies. What do you think? Your comments would be appreciated.

Regards Ted


Hi Ted,

Thanks for the link, and its certainly a shocker. Yes, I know quite a bit about Santos Ltd as I have a friend who until recently was working on the Santos (joint venture) 420-km gas transmission pipeline, and construction of a giant LNG plant on Curtis Island, Gladstone, Queensland.

I will try and make this as interesting, yet as brief as possible, as it’s part of a global conspiracy of just “ONE MAN” taking over ownership and the control of the whole world. Far above the intellect of most people, certainly the working classes, and most certainly the average Aussie ‘digger.’ Like the average kiwi, of course, the average Aussie is not a bad bloke, but his biggest downfall is he has very few brains and the few he has he never uses! Sad really, but there you are. That’s what years out in the burning sun drinking Victoria Bitter playing cricket does to you!

But it’s an intriguing story once you get into it and really begin to know what’s happening.

Santos Ltd is an acronym for South Australia Northern Territory Oil Search. (SANTOS). This giant company is Australia’s largest domestic gas producer, supplying sales of gas to all mainland Australian states and territories. It has widespread oil and gas interests outside Australia as well. It was founded in 1954 and has its headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia. The company has spent billions of dollars expanding its oil and gas interests in recent times, including the huge Gladstone project in Queensland. However, in the last 3 months, with the global collapse in oil and gas prices, the company’s shares have dropped like a stone by over $A7.5 billion, or over half its entire value. As a number of these recent huge projects have been priced on the expectation of high or rising oil and gas prices which now have vaporized, their economic viability is beginning to look more uncertain by the day! Very serious situation indeed!

However, you Aussies shouldn’t worry too much about the Santos project’s imminent collapse, but you should be VERY worried about it funding the Queensland Police. For the simple reason that it is virtually entirely overseas owned. If you go to you will see who the major shareholders are, mainly City of London Corporation-controlled American banks and investment funds, with the biggest shareholder being T. Rowe Price International Stock Fund. So, just to use this biggest shareholder as an example, who on earth are T. Rowe Price?

T. Rowe Price:

This is an American publicly owned investment firm, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, founded in 1937 by Thomas Rowe Price Jr. In 1979 it entered into a partnership with London-based Robert Fleming and Co. to form Rowe Price-Fleming International, then in 2000 it was renamed T. Rowe Price International, Inc

Robert Fleming & Co:

This was a giant asset manager and merchant bank founded in Dundee Scotland in 1873. In 1909 the firm moved to the City of London, and at its height in 1997 it had over 8,000 employees and operations in 44 countries. In 2000, as part of its control in T. Rowe Price it was merged into T. Rowe Price International, when the bulk of the firm was sold to Chase Manhattan Bank for over $US7 billion (now renamed JP Morgan Chase, controlled from London). In 1873, Robert Fleming co-founded the Scottish American Investment Company to invest in the North American railroads, controlling railroads such as the Texas & Pacific Railway. In 1970, Flemings formed an investment banking joint venture with Hong Kong based Jardine Matheson, forming Jardine Fleming, thus reinforcing the long-standing close family links between the Flemings and the incredibly wealthy Keswick family of Scotland. When Chase (Rockefeller and Rothschild owned) merged with J.P. Morgan & Co (British Rothschild owned) in 2001 the Flemings’ asset management business was rebranded J.P. Morgan Fleming, and Fleming Premier Banking was sold to Abbey National’s Cater Allen subsidiary. A famous member of the family was Ian Fleming, author of the British Secret Service Propaganda novels about James Bond.

Ian L. Fleming (1908 – 1964):

Ian Fleming was an English author, journalist and Naval Intelligence Officer best known for writing his popular series of twelve novels and nine short stories (British Intelligence Propaganda) about a fictitious character called James Bond, with over 100 million copies sold worldwide. The novels revolve around an officer in the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) (Military Intelligence 6, MI6) called James Bond, who is known by his secret code number 007. Fleming named his fictional character James Bond after the American ornithologist James Bond, and the code number after John Dee’s secret code number 007, who, under Queen Elizabeth I, was the Sovereign’s chief spy and founded the British Intelligence Service, which now controls the intelligence service of virtually the entire world! James Bond, although a fictional character, as a leading agent of British Intelligence, is to assist the Sovereign in taking over and saving the world, all largely based on the work of John Dee.

John Dee (1527 – 1608):

John Dee was a leading mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occultist, imperialist and special advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. He devoted much of his life to the study of alchemy, divination and Hermetic philosophy. Much of his work after his death contributed to Rosicrucianism in London, and founding the United Grand Masonic Lodge of England in 1717, now the control centre of world Freemasonry and world witchcraft, of which the ORDER OF THE GARTER is the highest degree. From 1570, Dee advocated a policy of political and economic strengthening of England, ultimately, to control and rule the world. In his 1576 book, General and rare memorials pertayning to the Perfect Arte of Navigation, Dee included a figure of Britannia kneeling by the shore beseeching Elizabeth I, to protect her empire by first strengthening her navy. Dee was the first to coin the term ‘British Empire.’

Dee posited a formal claim to North America on the back of a map drawn in 1577-80, and he noted Circa 1494 Mr Robert Thorn his father, and Mr Eliot of Bristow, discovered Newfound Land. In his book, Title Royal of 1580, he claimed that Madog ab Owain Gwynedd had discovered America, with the intention of ensuring that England’s claim to the New World was stronger than that of Spain. He further asserted that Brutus of Britain and King Arthur as well as Madog had conquered lands in the Americas and therefore their heir, Elizabeth I of England, had a priority claim over all the entire land of North America.

James Bond Movies: Privatization and Control of the World (including taking over of America)

James Bond, code-named 007, first proposed by John Dee, in the dozens of British propaganda and mind-control movies ever produced about him, essentially portrays a slick BRITISH spy who is to soon arise and save the world from an unethical gang of fraudsters and terrorists. Get the picture????? This includes also abolishing the United States of America, as first proposed by John Dee in his book.

This is why these following two key British propaganda and mind-control movies are due to be released later next year in 2015:

Movie: James Bond 24:

First, t o coincide with the November 2015 US Presidential Election, as a prelude to implementing a national (or international) state of terror and civil emergency under strict martial law, the first movie, James Bond 24, I think is planned to be released on November 6, 2015. I understand the majority of the film will be shot at Pinewood Studios in England, starting this month.

Movie: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2:

Second, this major British propaganda movie, presages the abolition of the United States under a national state of civil emergency and martial law, again designed to manipulate the minds of the world masses, particularly Americans, is due to be released on November 20, 2015.

So, on the basis of these two movies “MIND-CONTROL” productions being launched together in 2015 to characterize the circumstances surrounding the next US Presidential Election, it is not difficult to predict that 2015 is going to be one hang of a spectacularly volatile and chaotic year!!!!!!!

Police Privatisation:

What is happening in Queensland with Santos Ltd in partially funding the police at present, is part of a much wider goal to fully “Privatise” the police department, indeed all state departments including social services, education, pensions, state housing and on and on throughout the world. Presently this is happening in most countries, and was first planned and begun by bankers at N. M. Rothschild & Sons in the City of London Corporation. See this video about police privatisation at present in the UK:

Although the subject is very esoteric, the real reason why the British Sovereign, (who indirectly controls the City of London Corporation and has power to rescind the Lord Mayor’s temporal power at any time), (PS. So much rubbish has been written in the past by authors in recent times incorrectly claiming that it is the Lord Mayor of the City, or even the Pope [who once did] control the City) wants to “privatise” all the state assets of the world (including paradoxically Crown assets as well in all Commonwealth countries) is that ONE PERSON CANNOT PRIVATELY OWN THE ENTIRE WORLD IF ANY ASSETS ARE OWNED BY THE STATE AT ALL. Hence, this is why even all government departments have to be privatised as well to multinational banks and corporations indirectly all controlled from the TWELVE GREAT COMPANIES in Guildhall, City of London. All that is taking place now relating to this greedy, ‘fascist’ “queen” was prophesied by John in AD 96 on the Isle of Patmos recorded in Revelation chapter 18. And today, while completely unknown by the general masses and low/mid-level bankers and uneducated business leaders, the chief book being used by Government Treasuries in all countries now to privatise all the state-owned assets of the world is appropriately, a secret publication entitled, Privatising the World.

Book: Privatising the World:

This remarkable book, Privatising the World, was written by a City of London Jew and Fabian Socialist, (his father was a leading London Marxist) Oliver Letwin, at the time head of N. M. Rothschilds & Sons’ INTERNATIONAL PRIVATISATION UNIT in the City of London, that is now the chief coordinating centre for the entire privatisation of the world. You can read about him here:

Right now, most “middle class” homeowners, farmers, property and stock-market investors are living in an illusionary dream of temporary prosperity, not understanding that the Fascist Sovereign’s ultimate plan is the ABOLITION OF ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY, with the whole world being owned and run by the worshipful TWELVE GREAT COMPANIES and their many subsidiaries domiciled in Guildhall, City of London Corporation, whose chief logo is the Red Dragon!

So yep, you are quite rightly justified in being deeply concerned Ted!

In the book, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, (about the international bankers’ secret plan to take over the world) sadly, the Jewish bankers at the top (on behalf of the British Sovereign) often write about all the Gentile masses (all non-Jews) as being so mentally retarded they refer to them as having, “wind flowing freely through the ears” and the best of them predominantly “have morals of alley cats” producing leaders so bereft of any principle or integrity at all, as they can be relied upon to inevitably never hesitate to end up lining their own pockets by agreeing to sell off their nation’s birth-right and family silver for a few pennies and mess of pottage!

So three cheers for your new Queensland Police Force Company Limited Ted.

And down with the polies, who really are, now universally, quite frankly, treacherously letting the team down badly aren’t they?

But then, what can you expect from these delusional, low-level recalcitrant common pickpockets & Aussie galahs.

Enjoy your freedoms in the Sunshine State mate! – as you may not have them for much longer!

And don’t immigrate here either, we’ve got enough privatisation problems of our own to worry about.

Interesting subject though, isn’t it?



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