Recent Attack On Victorian Health Food Shops Selling Raw Milk

So we were right AFTER ALL! I’ve just picked up from your recent email from the Health Ranger’s Natural News a link to an article he published on August 3, 2011, titled, Multi-agency armed raid hits Rawsome Foods, Healthy Farms for selling raw milk and cheese – showing how a Special Weapons Assault Team (SWAT) style armed raid was conducted on the same date in the US by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Office, the FDA, the Department of Agriculture and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) against a private buying club selling wholesome, natural raw milk and raw cheese products.

Note how they arrested the Health Food Shop founder & ‘ring-leader’, without a warrant, without reading him his rights, put him in handcuffs, stuffed him into an unmarked car, while agents then stayed behind and poured the milk down the drain and confiscated the fresh raw cheese and other fresh products for destruction.

What they want to do globally is ban the growing and sale of all Natural Health Products, all home-grown, unregistered, fruit and vegetables, milk, eggs, honey, meat – everything – and force everyone to buy off the corporates only in supermarkets, though which you will need the mark of the Devil 666 in your forehead or right hand to do so electronically. Only by doing this can they embezzle billions more in profits, while physically cat the same time, control every man, woman and child on earth.

As we predicted before, the time is coming when if a person is caught with a home-grown tomato or bottle of Vitamin C tablets, these corporate morons will send out a squadron of black helicopters and armed thugs after you and charge you for crimes greater than possessing 100 kilos of heroin or committing murder.

But I never knew that it is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW in the US!

Almost the final straw on would think?


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