Russia Announces Eurasian Union and New Currency Altyn


A friend of yours in Washington D.C. often sends me here in Moscow copies of your emails. Thank you, all exceptional information. Also I have read some of your books on website ‘Genuine Christianity Now’ as can tell which are your books if not by author but by writing style, all very good. In my opinion you are one of very few writers in Western world who truly understands what is happening in Russia and world. I wish to thank you much for you great insight, ability to see above sick British American propaganda and blind patriotism to try and draw out truth for world. Many Russians who read English have read your work as I pass it on, even if your own people are mainly brain dead but this seems to be the case in most of crowd in disintegrating West doesn’t it. It seems, regardless of country or civilization, in the end prosperity creates apathy, then mental lunacy then corruption then finally destruction – then the whole process starts over again.

Nevertheless, I must refer you to alternative Russian media lady, Lada Ray, to get better Russian version of truth at present. Unlike you, she is not Christian or Genuine Christianity Now person, but is metaphysical person but still very sincere and honest and highest informed. She is linguist translator, former financial consultant expert with AIG and Smith Barney worked in 30 countries. So I recommend her to you for highly informed Russian point of view in English being all censored by sick media in West.

The above video of hers on YouTube highlights Putin’s Eurasian Union and how it will set up a new ‘military union’ countering Nato, how and why corrupt stupid Americans have little or no gold left in Fort Knox, why US dollar will soon collapse. Why Russia and China have been buying up gold in last 5 years for New Eurasian Currency as will be based on gold backing and why it is to be called ALTYN. Lada is exceptional historian and I’m sure you will at least find interesting.

Her website is,

On her website for example is article explaining why Americans have gone quickly silent on Crimea and Iran as this most advanced USS Donald Cook guided missile destroyer in Black Sea was gravely demoralized by Russian Sukhoi-24 fighter jet with Khibiny electronic warfare device that buzzed ship jamming out all electronics and radar. The Western media have carefully covered up the fact that Khibiny can render entire American Nato fleet useless without firing a shot. This is why Donald Cook limped to port in Romania and why many of crew were so demoralized they have since left the U.S. military altogether they are so shocked. This is widely reported in Russian media but not by your own media crooks. As you previously said in previous email, correctly, Russian private sector is long way behind West still but in military power is 50 years ahead of Americans. In global war we will all lose I agree, but in major conflict West makes big mistake to underestimate Russian bear that’s for sure.

I know you may not agree with her in all points, but I hope her blogs and info give some Russia opposite points of view at least, censored by your corrupt press and media as per normal. Thanks once again.

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