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David, as you are already aware, I in NZ, you in the US, the late great American researcher and writer Joan Veon and a few others (mainly in the US) and a handful of British and Australian sites, have written over about the last 20-years or so how Prince Charles has become by far the most powerful man in the world, exerting an enormous power through his global charities, with his control of virtually every major multinational bank and corporation in the world through his Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum, renamed Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, renamed International Business Leaders Forum, more recently quietly renamed in 2013 IBLF Global.

Well. Do you know, in the radical process of renaming it to IBLF Global, they have now removed hundreds of thousands references to it from the web, removed virtually all of the YouTube videos from the web, censored many of Joan’s videos (put on the web by courageous Americans), largely hidden its deep connections to its inspiration and founder, Prince Charles, hidden the access to the names of the huge number of multinational corporates funding it, and dramatically “toned down its activities” as a result of us exposing it, and have removed virtually all listings on the web that have specifically been exposing it!

As I keep repeating, in Bomber Command in sorties over Europe during WW2, navigators would always say, “The closer to target you are, the greater the flak! If you’re not getting any flak, you’re off target!” How many people have the level of knowledge to understand these facts?

Just makes one realize the extent of this global mind control doesn’t it! Mind boggling really.

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