The Continuing Fight for Justice at Pike River

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Hi, everyone here is a link to an update on the legal action we had a decision yesterday no big drama as the filing itself flushed out most of what we need. The last para the District Court has lost some of the original file unbelievable.


Thanks very much for the info. The corrupt Pike Royal Commission has embargoed all the evidence for 75-years so that nobody can bring a civil or criminal case against anybody now or in the future, the Government included. That’s why Peter Whitall got off, because if his legal counsel cannot be allowed to have the evidence to defend him from the Crown, then no case can proceed against him! The whole lot of them are corrupt! They’ve also “lost” key evidence before in other major disaster cases as well, a good example being the Cave Creek Disaster.

But you do have to have at least some sympathy for these politicians, as they will have an arduous night lying in bed figuring out how they can spend the huge wage increases they have awarded themselves today, PM John Key getting about a $26,000 increase, while he and his fellow parasites have increased the minimum wage for the low paid by $0.50 cents per hour. The local tom cat that comes over and pisses in my vegetable garden each day gains more respect than these self-serving, unprincipled morons! But our nation’s sin is not that the politicians are doing what they do, it is the fact that nobody is even upset! I often wonder at times if 95% of our population now are brain dead, I really do.


After reading, then re-reading the book about the Pike River Mine disaster, then studying several reports about the extremely questionable way the N.Z. government officials are acting, it seems to me that their odd, almost certain criminal behavior has to do with a condition known as ‘depraved indifference’. In the first attachment there is a definition of this mindset and a case wherein it was considered. Maybe the miner’s family members, through their legal representation, can find a way to introduce this possible motivating factor by John Key and the other people involved, into the legal proceedings in an effort to uncover whatever is hidden behind the secrecy.

US Viet Nam Veterans in America were confronted with this same depravedly indifferent behavior and worse by government officials until Ronald Reagan became President and kept his word that we would begin receiving the respect and consideration we deserved regarding Veteran’s Administration issues. More than 75,000 had already either given up and committed suicide or were suicided for knowing too much and revealing government secrets such as Pine Gap, Echelon, Cambodia incursion, etc. before his inauguration. The key is to persevere and not ever accept the lie that remedy has been exhausted. Press on.

Although most of society is guilty of this syndrome known as ‘depraved indifference’ to some degree now, as was first recognized way back in March 1964 after the Catherine Genovese murder and rape, it is a truism that ‘law points the way’, and in the Pike River Mine case, the more the family members learn about law and personally exercise their authority by filing criminal charges against the probable suspects, the better for everyone, especially themselves.

If you think it would be a good idea to have someone interviewed on radio over here about the disaster and latest developments, it would not be too difficult for me to arrange that.


I’ll pass this on to Lawrie. Very interesting. It is a huge battle though, because it would be easy to argue now the whole nation here is suffering from “depraved indifference.” Thanks for your offer about radio show, but I will leave that to them to decide to contact you if they so wish. Its the old story, too few people doing all the work!

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