Gluckman Review Downplays Risk to IQ from Fluoridation

Email Correspondence…

Re: PDF Files attached; ‘Gluckman Review downplays risk to IQ from fluoridation’ and ‘Open letter from New Health NZ Inc to Sir Peter Gluckman and Sir David Skegg’

This maybe of interest to you, hot off the press.

Maybe there is some sanity left in the world.


I appreciate your sincerity Wally, but your statement, “Maybe there is some sanity left in the world.” Are you crazy? Both Sir Peter Gluckman and Sir David Skegg would be the last people in the world we should listen to! Seriously. minor changes to IQ levels? The dangers of fluoride are much more serious than that, and have been well known for a long time!

In fact, anyway, anyone with a British Knighthood can’t be trusted as they are all secretly working for the current Fascist Sovereign who heads the City of London Corporation, a queen, who incidentally as the head of The Order of the Garter is the High Priestess of World Witchcraft. The reason is, to receive their knighthoods they go through an ancient Masonic, witchcraft ritual descended from the Equites in ancient Fascist Rome, called in Latin, AD COLLUM translated into English, ‘to the neck.’ This is why the Sovereign or her representative, in presenting the Knighthood to the recipient taps the candidate on the shoulder or both shoulders with a sword. Originally it was ‘to the neck’ which symbolized the candidate has to bring his neck under the yoke and power of the Emperor or Caesar in submission. It was preserved and Christianized by the corrupt Roman Catholic Church and after the Protestant Reformation, refined by the Protestant Church, now headed by the Fascist, apostate British Sovereign, as it remains today. Hence:

Sir Peter Gluckman: Presently Sir Peter, a Jew, is the Chief Science Advisor to the New Zealand Prime Minister, previously appointed to the position in 2009 by our Jewish Prime Minister John Key. Following which, in 2014, Sir Peter was appointed co-chair of the World Health Organization Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity (ECHO). In August 2014, in Auckland New Zealand, he hosted and chaired the Science Advice to Governments Conference, convened by the International Council for Science (ICSU). It was the first truly global meeting of high-level science advisors to governments. He is the only New Zealander elected to the Institute of Medicine of the United States National Academies of Science and is a Fellow of Academy of Medical Sciences of Great Britain.

But much more importantly, Gluckman is a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, the most powerful society of scientists and liars in the world. Often just called the Royal Society, it was founded in 1660 by a group of twelve scientific scumbags led by Sir Christopher Wren, many of whom were leading alchemists and Rosicrucian adherents who followed the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian religions. Many of its Rosicrucian members were instrumental in officially founding the United Grand Lodge of England [of Freemasonry] later in 1717. In fact, Newton’s trusted laboratory assistant, John Theophilus Desaguliers, also a member of the Royal Society, was instrumental with others in founding the United Grand Lodge of England – which today controls world Freemasonry, of which President Obama is a member. It wasn’t until 1710, under the Presidency of Isaac Newton, that the society acquired its own home, two houses in Crane Court off the Strand. Today the society is the biggest gathering of scientific quacks the world has ever known! So one should not believe any single word written by any of these highly educated university misfits – ever! Most of the members of the Royal Society are Eugenicists, dedicated to, like Hitler, killing off a large proportion of the world’s “useless eaters” as well, mainly through World Health Organization (WHO) policies. The WHO is simply a front for the world’s biggest medical and pharmaceutical multinational companies.

Sir David Skegg: In the past Sir David Skegg has been Vice-Chancellor of the University of Otago NZ and Professor of Preventative and Social Medicine, with his primary research interest being cancer epidemiology. He has also been a consultant to the World Health Organization and to the New Zealand Government. Like Gluckman, he also received his Knighthood in 2009. But more importantly, Skegg is a former Rhodes Scholar. The Rhodes Scholarship Program at Oxford is operated by the Rhodes Trust, a British secret society, setup by Natty Rothschild with proceeds from the will of the diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes to train and indoctrinate the world’s top university students to implement global socialism and a New World Order world government controlled from London. The Fulbright Scholarship Program in the US and its branch in New Zealand was setup by Fulbright, himself as former Rhodes Scholar, as the American sub-branch of the Rhodes Trust. So anyone who is a former Rhodes Scholar or Fulbright Scholar cannot in the fullest sense of the word be trusted. Slick Willie Bill Clinton, ‘I did not have sex with that woman,’ is a good example of the standards set by former Rhodes Scholars.

Needless to say then, Barrister Lisa Hansen’s letter is not worth a cup of cold water! And incidentally, she herself, is also a member of the City of London Masonic secret society network. Try asking her if she can practice law in this country without being a member of the NZ Bar Association. Then ask her why is it called the “Bar” association and why she has the impertinence to call herself a “Bar-ister.” The reason is she, and the NZ Bar Association, are simply controlled from Temple Bar in London, a secret society of scumbags named after the Knights Templar, a sub-branch of the United Grand Masonic Lodge of England, based at Great Hall, Queens Street, London. The truth is all lawyers, Barristers and judges who are imprisoned in this corrupt and evil system, couldn’t tell the truth if you paid them.

That’s also why they make up a high proportion of politicians worldwide, and why our own scumbags, even TODAY, yes TODAY, have such contempt of ordinary hardworking members of the general public and have awarded themselves such a massive pay rise, with the back-benchers getting from memory on the news tonight an $8000 increase, with the Prime Minister John Key getting a $26,000 increase, while at the same time they award the low paid a $0.50 cents per hour increase! These are the devils that have the cheek also to recommend knighthoods for Sir Peter Gluckman and Sir David Skegg. What a low-life pack of itinerant charlatans! And they expect us to believe the complete and utter bull dust in their report about about fluoridation?

Wally, I am not trying to have a go at you, because I believe you are hoping for the best in people and I don’t blame you for that. And some good info below, but I cant stomach these parasites. The reason is there is such a huge body of evidence on the internet now showing that Sodium Fluoride, or as it is sometimes called, hexafluorsilicic acid, is simply a toxic waste product largely from phosphate fertiliser pollution scrubbers. The neurotoxic effects of fluoride are in fact profound as it is often used in rat-killer poison, affects the central nervous system, immune system, damages the kidneys, causes or is a big part in causing bladder cancer, hyperthyroidism – and the list goes on and on. And this has been well-known for years!

Here are just three of the many YouTube clips about Fluoride’s deadly dangers on the web:

Perhaps barrister Lisa Hansen might like to reflect a little on her statements about fluoride “IQ levels” after watching these three video-clips and the numerous others on the web as well, and perhaps she might like to do her own research about “Temple Bar,” before opening her mouth!

Just my opinion Wally.


Jack it may be just your opinion, but it is spot on. There is now nothing that those medical monsters and Zionist professional misfits will not do and advise to confuse the public and get the physicians to do their bidding. Once again you see that the Zionist lobby have it all sewn up. It must stand out as a sore thumb that Israel, as the so-called target of Muslim extremism, is actually left well alone while the fighting goes on all around them. Something is rotten in the state of Israel and every other state that goes along with the 5 eyes like NZ and Jonkey is just another of the puppets falling all over himself to be counted by the Bankster Elite to stay in their good books. What a rattle snake he turned out to be. You must have watched his heated performance in the Beehive. What a disgrace!



Recently I sent the email below out about fluoridation, Sir Peter Gluckman and Sir David Skegg, mentioning how Sir Peter Gluckman the Chief Science Advisor to the NZ Prime Minister John Key, is a Fellow of the most powerful society of scientists in the world called the Royal Society in London. This is the epicentre of all the lies about global warming, climate change caused by increases in CO2 etc. plus it is the home of the RELIGION of the deceptive THEORY OF EVOLUTION.

Previously I have written that Prince Charles already controls every major corporation and bank in the world through his INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LEADERS FORUM. I have also written how he controls every charitable organization in the world, and is already worshipped by all the top Moslem leaders in the world. I have also written that he controls the United States of America through multinational banks and corporations, the CIA NSA, and the US President.

I appreciate 99.999% of people are totally mind-controlled by the British-controlled media and propaganda, but there is still hope for that small minority who can see through this gigantic deception. Hence I keep writing books and sending out emails.

Well just in case there is any “doubt” that the Prince of Wales is the soon-coming ANTICHRIST, you all might like to read his statements at the ROYAL SOCIETY on Thursday, 26 February, 2015: Here are just two sentences from what he said:

”The fact of climate change is now accepted by every major scientific body in the whole world.”

“These constituencies include the UN, the World Bank, the Pentagon, and the UK Ministry of Defence, the CIA, NSA … and, I’m happy to say, nurses and doctors.”

Are you informed. Do you understand? Do you understand how just one man will control the entire world, and is soon to be worshipped by almost every man, woman and child on earth? Did the teachers at school tell you about the Rosicrucians and Freemasons that set up the Royal Society to deceive you with the Theory of Evolution, a deliberate lie? Is your pastor at church informing you of this overwhelming truth? If you don’t understand, then my advice is for a good start, read the book, ANTICHRIST AND THE GREEN PRINCE online.

Can I finish by playing the role of the Devil’s Advocate for you by asking, “You say Prince Charles is the Biblical soon-coming Antichrist. This seems hard to believe because in the Scriptures he arises to save the world from destruction and annihilation, and that clearly isn’t happening now. What if you are wrong?” Answer: Prince Charles will be 67 in November 2015. If he is to fulfil this infamous role, world events of necessity must start to deteriorate very soon – so be prepared!

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