Jewish Defense League Thugs Found Guilty of Assault at Palestine Event in London

Email Correspondence…

Jerkwood claims JDL not exist. (Just ADL)

Jewish Defense League thugs found guilty of assault at Palestine event
in London

Roberta Moore and Robert De Jonge to be sentenced in March.


The war of continuous retaliations and retributions since time immemorial when the Hebrews, beginning with Abram/Abraham, a pagan, was called out of Arabic paganism by the One True God, who, eventually, by his descendants conquered an area now known as the middle east (from the Nile to the Euphrates) that was inhabited by pagans that worshipped and sacrificed their sons and daughters unto devils (false gods), is now an undeclared world war that is being fought by an ever increasing number of fools that flatter themselves into thinking that their side has the moral high ground. This unholy war between unbelieving blood relatives is now vacuuming almost every man, woman and child into choosing a side, to either personally fight or at the least cheer on their “oppressed minority”. The lunacy will obviously end in the huge battle that is soon to take place because almost everyone now has forgotten the One True God, that is made up of the Trinity. He commands everyone to Love and not kill.

The most successful war monger/war profiteer alive today is Queen Elizabeth 2, and her boy Prince Charles is now rapidly escalating his demands for more blood for profit. Charlie boy is following in the footsteps of his ancestors who purloined Muhammad’s psychological warfare method of operation because of the effectiveness of Islam’s primary method of recruiting/proselytizing (state sponsored murder by beheading) while pretending to be a peace loving Christian. Charlie boy is burning the candle from both/all ends.;_ylt=AsnuUtRo0Zk7d8gvRE0s6mKbvZx4?fr=yfp-t-901-s&toggle=1&fp=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&p=prince%20charles%20saudi%20arabian%20sword%20dance&soc_src=mail&soc_trk=ma&soc_src=mail&soc_trk=ma

His family (royal globalist imperialists) has been profiting from all sides in every war for centuries, and now he has secretly embraced Islam because of the shock value contained in semi-private state sponsored murders beginning with the proxy murder of Mary Queen of Scots (Roman Catholic “Christian”) by Elizabeth 1 (Protestant “Christian”). This murder was witnessed by a select group of “nobles” to horrify, disgust, intimidate, reduce, sicken, convert, and TERRORIZE for the purpose of unifying the “rebels” against the Roman Catholic “Christian” effort to recover the property that Henry 8 had looted from all of the Roman Catholic Christians in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland and the Hebrides who had built the great monasteries, castles and cities from 325 -1500.

I have received reports that several of the royals have personally participated in blood ritual murder sacrifices of children. (This is obviously almost impossible to substantiate.)

Constantine the Great was a Roman Catholic and the first Prince of Wales. An excellent article on the Henry 8 looting operation is:

Here is a video of Caroline Glick that reveals how Jews view their situation. Her suggestion, unfortunately, will only resonate with Jews.

My suggestion is that we completely break from Anglo-Saxon Protestant Freemason not so great Britain and the royal family that are so guilty of every crime that has ever existed, and restore the exoteric example set by early Americans that understood the tyranny existing within the British system.

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