Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses Congress

Whether you all support Israel or not, whether you agree with military force or not, whether you like what is happening or not, this GLOBAL HISTORICAL SPEECH today by Benjamin Netanyahu in the “FASCIST” US House of Representatives and US Congress, presages soon-coming major war in the Middle East centered against Iran, possibly nuclear, which soon is going to dramatically affect every man, woman and child on earth.

If you don’t believe it is “FASCIST” and think I might be exaggerating somewhat, well why not take a look at the two Roman FASCES, a bundle of rods, the ancient symbol of FASCISM, mounted on the wall each side at the back of the Speaker’s Rostrum behind Netanyahu.

At least, all do yourself a gigantic favour. Take the time to watch this incredible 42:36 video. It is historic.

It is hard to predict exactly when, but it is difficult to see that it is much more that 12 months or so away.

Make sure you and your family are prepared for what’s soon coming.

Momentous times!


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