Freemasons’ Hall is the Headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England


Thanks to the incredible power of the internet, I found this short, remarkable video clip on YouTube this evening filmed “undercover” and posted by Stuart Oswald inside Great Hall. Unfortunately, the quality is very poor, but it will suffice. If you scroll through to 11:38 minutes in you will see him pan on to a 16-point star which dominates the ceiling of Great Hall. This star is the emblem of Lucifer, the deity all Freemasons worship.

Now if you look closely at this star, you will see it is also replicated as the BADGE OF THE CIA, signifying that British Freemasonry controls the CIA, US Intelligence and as the result, the US Government. Now if you look even more closely at the star on the ceiling, you will see it is dominated by a large four-pointed star (symbolizing Lucifer rules over the four points of the compass).

This is now the emblem of NATO, and shows that British Freemasonry also controls NATO. This all means, that when Americans, British or indeed anybody else, fight for NATO they are fighting for Lucifer – LITERALLY – the same as they were during the First and Second World Wars as well, under Churchill and Roosevelt, both Freemasons. The CIA is directly connected to the NSA which is also itself controlled by the British as well through the UK/USA Agreement (Treaty).

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

Now just to prove this Masonic, Great Hall, Four-Pointed Star is the Luciferian emblem of NATO, I thought I would include a picture of it on NATO’s own website here:

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Here is the CIA’s official Web Site: Note that the badge of the CIA is a replicate of the same star on the ceiling of Great Hall, Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London.

Now if that is not enough, you will remember how in my Alpha book in the section about the CIA, I mention how it was set up out of the old Office of Strategic Services (OSS) with the support of Col. “Wild Bill” Donovan under the personal control of Sir William Stephenson, a close friend of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. From 1940, Stephenson was Britain’s chief spy in the US, sent to New York by Churchill to run the British Security Coordination Office, the operational arm of British Intelligence in the US. Churchill, Stephenson, with Donovan and President Roosevelt together were instrumental in setting up the Japanese attack to Pearl Harbor, well over 3-months before the event actually took place, to overcome “American Isolationism” and the reticence of the US general public to support the US entering the war in support of Britain.

Sir William (Bill) Stephenson

Until relatively recent times Sir William Stephenson’s work in forming the CIA was relatively secret. Well, now, when you go to the CIA’s official Web Site Home Page above, in the top right hand corner you will see a window which automatically changes with info about the CIA on it. Now if you wait till about the 3rd or 4th window comes up, incredibly, you will see a window titled, “THE INTREPID LIFE OF SIR WILLIAM STEPHENSON.” If you then click on “Read more” you can read much more about him and his role in establishing the CIA – ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE!!!! Can you believe it? Incredible!


IF one could summarize all of this in just one very short sentence, one must say: THE BRITISH SOVEREIGN, HEAD OF THE ORDER OF THE GARTER THE HIGHEST ORDER OF WORLD FREEMASONRY, CONTROLS VIRTUALLY ALL GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE! Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but that elderly little English lady (actually German) with the funny hat and the pearls hanging around her neck – is a very nasty and powerful piece of work indeed!

We have had two world wars with millions of sheep fighting for her, and tens of millions dying for these devils. Soon it appears there is going to be a third!

Thought I’d just mention this, as so much happening right now on the news here and abroad, about increased intelligence agency surveillance, giving Her Majesty’s global intelligence agencies and their US sub-branches much more unbridled power.

Funny how nothing ever happens by chance? But more of a concern is that Stuart Oswald’s YouTube clip here of Freemasons’ Hall has now been on the web for over 12 months – yet only 1,116 hits. Not many at all, but explains a lot.

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