Airbus Crash: What Caused Germanwings Flight to Crash into the French Alps?


If you listen to this French official, he is saying it will be “months” before they can read anything from the damaged Flight Recorder. Yet the media tells us the Captain went to the toilet and when he returned was apparently banging on the locked Cockpit door trying to get in, while the co-pilot deliberately locked it and set the aircraft on a course to crash into the mountains and kill himself and everybody else.

Question: How do they know all this when there was no Mayday call, no communication with flight control whatsoever, and the recorder hasn’t yet been analysed???? The simple answer is that all these media reports are all deliberate lies. The truth is the Captain never left the Flight Deck at all and the co-pilot certainly did not crash the aircraft.

If you go back and listen to the testimony of Field McConnell on YouTube explaining how and when the Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot was fitted to all Boeing aircraft AND AIRBUS AIRCRAFT, without even most pilots ever knowing about it even today, and can now be used to remotely disengage the pilots from the control of their aircraft completely, and then remotely automatically fly the aircraft – then both the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 and Germanwings Airbus A320 events are identical and show the Anglo/American military is involved. We already know the Malaysian Airlines MH370 was taken out to kill the Freescale Semiconductor employees holding majority shares in a new military software patent application. It will be similar with this Germanwings aircraft.

If you look at the body language of this French official on the video clip, he simply doesn’t want to be there and knows he is lying through his teeth most of the time. The plane was taken out by the military, and the comical fairy-tale story that the Captain got up and went to the toilet while his co-pilot abruptly locked the door then proceeded to crash the aircraft is utter poppycock!!!!!!

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