China’s New Development Bank Seen as Embarrassment for Obama

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The BRICS, Led by China, Are Making a Scientific Revolution; It’s Time to Rid the U.S. of the Culture of Degeneracy



Thanks for this interesting info. While he is pro-Vatican and he hates the Anglo/American oligarchy, Lyndon LaRouche, as bright as he reputedly is, wildly claims in your links this giant Chinese domiciled bank is soon going to side-line both the US and the enormous power of the British Empire” from superiority over global finance as a rival to the IMF, the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, as Obama is to soon lead the collapse of the American empire and dollar.

HOWEVER, if you go to you will see that in early March 2015, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced that Britain had agreed to lend money to the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, becoming the first major Western country to do so… It was further stated that joining the bank as a founding member will allow Britain to influence the development of the institution… Osbourne announced that “the City of London would become the base for the first clearing house for the yuan outside Asia.”

New Zealand joined on 5 January 2015. Don’t believe me? Well ask the NZ Prime Minister?

Hence, the elderly lady who wears the funny hat with pearls draped around her neck, and soon her heir, the Prince of Wales, as Sovereign over the CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION, will soon own the entire world – including all Asia and China!

Clever isn’t it?

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