This Explanation of the Mercury/Autism Connection Will Blow You Away!

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There is plenty of discussion about the potential autism connection to vaccines and the mercury that is in them. Dr. Gary Kohls discusses that connection and has an incredible explanation as to what might be triggering the condition at an alarming rate!



If you really want to understand why Australian PM Tony Abbott is so wicked with his “No Jab, no pay” vaccination policy just announced, also our own government’s support of vaccines as well, pushed by the corrupt Australian and New Zealand Medical associations, you might like to watch this short 23-min. presentation by Dr Gary Null:

And if you’ve got the time, I would recommend you watch a stunning 1:48-min. documentary movie on the subject directed by him titled, SILENT EPIDEMIC: The Untold Story of Vaccines

Of course Dr Gary Null is not alone in showing how damaging vaccines really are, however he brings out the corruption between the multinational pharmaceutical companies and doctors much better. As he says, most mainstream doctors now are nothing less than SERIAL CRIMINALS.

Really, the only way the government, pharmaceutical mafia and medical associations in collusion together with their corrupt members, the doctors, are getting away with this massive tyranny and attack against human health now is through the continuing widespread mass ignorance of the naive general public. At present the vaccination rate for NZ children according to Ministry of Health figures is 94% so this means only 6% are unvaccinated and have parents who understand what Dr Gary Null and others like him are talking about.

Sadly, the fact is that now, as never before, because of the huge numbers of different vaccines involved, when all parents vaccinate their children they are, through their own deliberate ignorance, and national dishonesty of their GPs, are destroying their own children’s health! This is no better highlighted than in these two clips.

Really now, there is so much info freely available on the internet exposing the serious dangers of vaccines nobody now has any excuse to be uninformed. The evidence now is simply OVERWHELMING!

One last point Kevin. In your clip below, while I agree Mercury as a preservative in vaccines has been isolated as the chief component in causing Autism and other neurological diseases, such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, dementia and many others for some time. However, today (2015), because of past criticism from anti-vaccine advocates, the big pharmaceutical companies have largely eliminated mercury from vaccines with the exception of the flu vaccines (as far as I’m aware). Yet Autism and other neurological diseases from vaccine damage is still growing at an alarming rate. The truth is it is not only the mercury in the vaccines that has been causing the neurological damage. It is a whole host of about 60 other different poisonous components in the vaccines, including aluminium, that are causing the problems, and this is brought out very well in the documentary here, SILENT EPIDEMIC.

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