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I know you must be busy with deadline etc. and I don’t want to annoy you. But this morning I’ve just gone through all the current web postings on YouTube of the SB277 Rally and hearings, and some of it is mind boggling stuff, right up-to-date. I’ve sorted it all all out starting with the YouTube clip of the Rally, then the hearings. You may wish to include the links in your new issue as I feel most readers will find it ‘riveting’ and totally up-to-date. (Regrettably, I can’t seem to find “Part 4.”).

No on SB277 Rally at the Capitol in Sacramento on April 8, 2015:

SB277 California Public Hearing – April 8, 2015 – Opposition – Part 1:

SB277 California Public Hearing – April 8, 2015 – Personal Testimonies – Part 2:

SB277 California Public Hearing – April 8, 2015 – Personal Testimonies – Part 3:

SB277 California Public Hearing –April 8, 2015 – Personal Testimonies – Part 5:

SB277 California Public Hearing – April 8, 2015 – Q & A with Senators – Part 6:

California Nurses for Ethical Standard’s President Urges “NO” on SB277:

Brandi – Mother & Former sales rep of Merck opposes California Bill SB277:



After listening to these videos, it is beginning to look as if Democratism is even more deadly than anything that has preceded it, even Nazism.

Bill Gates is extremely aggressive about reducing population to reduce CO2. In the speech that he delivered at TED 2010 he reveals in very subtle language that vaccines could be used to reduce population by about 15% within the first five minutes of his monologue. Later on in his speech he repeats how much he values the use of vaccines.



I have seen this Bill Gates clip before but thanks. The time is coming, if not here already, when one of the new vaccines is going to be a terminator vaccine to kill off specific groups of useless eaters, and Gates knows it.

I have just finished watching all the SB277 hearing clips which I didn’t have the opportunity to do this morning. All I can say is I agree with you 100% that this is even WORSE than NAZISM. The WHOLE LOT OF THESE SCUM ARE SATANIC!

I note that it is mainly ordinary people, with a minority of professional medical doctors who oppose the Bill, and that all the mainstream medical Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacist Associations of California support the Bill. The whole lot of them are Satanic.

After watching the Senators’ Questions and Answers with Sen. Dr Richard Pan the author of the Bill, I am convinced they are all DESPERATELY EVIL MUCH WORSE THAN EVEN THE NAZIS EVER WERE! They have already made their minds up and it will only be a question of time now before the Bill becomes law and 38 million Californians will be living in a police state much worse than Nazi Germany. God always identifies important people by their names, and it is no coincidence that the author of the Bill is Sen. Dr Pan, named after the pagan Roman god Pan who Christians at the time of Christ identified as the SATAN!

No doubt it will not be long before the rest of the US follows, and indeed the rest of the world too.

I am now totally and utterly convinced, seeing this vaccination debate and Rally, we have now passed the point of no return, and if God does not intervene, man is soon going to completely and utterly destroy himself, including his own children.

THIS is the beginning of the end. Next it will be the mark of the beast!

Fellow servant.

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