California One Vote Closer to Forced Vaccination

This clip is particularly outstanding, showing what low-life mongrels they are, and how desperately corrupt and wicked the medical profession and Californian senators are (but do discount Alex Jones’ inappropriate, stupid ad at the end!).

As I say, these people are totally Satanic and have already made their minds up to bring this sadistic bill into law. All that the public hearings are is a front to make the general public think some form of democracy has been undertaken, when really really it hasn’t.

God help anyone with children or grandchildren in the future who are vaccinated with these spurious, medical despots at the helm! Note even Dr. Pan is taking his orders from higher up the food chain – the American Medical Association and pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the vaccines.

California’s draconian Senate Bill 277 passed today with a vote of 7 to 2. This takes the state one step closer to mandatory vaccinations for any child attending a public or private school and stripping away any personal or religious exemptions.

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