LED Cause Severe Premature Macular Degeneration?

Email Correspondence…

Subject: You told me so!


Many thanks for the latest Natural News link and article below about damaging blue light toxicity from LEDS.

There are many studies that point to the fact white LEDs for ambient lighting and back-lit LED screens are going to cause severe premature macular degeneration, and thus blindness in everybody that uses them. You also might like to read this more recent study as well http://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/1307294/ – I quote it in my book The Light Bulb Mafia (can be down-loaded off the Internet) among many others. I think my book is about 5 years before its time, and as yet, only a very few perceptive people have truly comprehended its profound message. Unfortunately, as usual, most people won’t actually wake up until it is too late, when they physically start going blind, irreversibly so, from developing early onset Macular Degeneration (MD).

So moral of the story is:

1. By about 2020, I predict every 2-year old vaccinated child will have autism as the result of vaccine damage and turned into brain-damaged morons. ALL APPROVED BY THE MAINSTREAM MEDICAL PROFESSION (CRIMINALS)!

2. By about 2020, every child by about 10 to 15 years of age that has been frying their eyes with blue light from back-lit LED screens will be showing signs of premature macular degeneration and other serious eye diseases. ALL APPROVED BY THE MAINSTREAM MEDICAL PROFESSION (CRIMINALS)!

Surely? one would think, somewhere between now and 2020 many more sheep will wake up???? But will they?

Potentially, almost an entire generation is going to become blind, brain damaged morons.

Hard to believe. But that is what the facts and statistical trend is showing.


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