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Here is an article that I found to be an unusual report. No doubt this will get things stirred up rather quickly within the Catholic Church to finish off the loyal believers that understand the Bible prophecies. No doubt they will be marginalized for criticizing this absurd and detrimental, mad act. Catholic Churches all over the world are being destroyed as good parishioners plead with leaders to prevent the destruction of their places for worship. The destroyers are certainly on the move.

The second attachment contains a video that shows St. Ann’s being demolished which demonstrates the fact that the Churches being destroyed are functional places for worship that are in very good condition.

The Pope’s purely political Palestine puzzle

Welcome to The Friends of St. Frances X. Cabrini, Scituate, Massachusetts

Hi David,

Because of apostasy, just like ancient Israel, I believe both the Catholic AND PROTESTANT CHURCHES are ultimately to be desolated and burned with fire, just like the old Jewish temples in Jerusalem. In the 1980s, I visited Boston Mass. to look at a whole string of large centrally located church buildings that had grown into disuse and been sold and converted into childcare centers. This has gradually been going on for quite a long time, in many cases being promoted by the apostate church leadership themselves as attendances decline.

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