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While I am thinking of it I must tell you. If you remember in August 2008, you posted me actual printouts of a day’s surveillance on your main computer, that you ran with that hi-tech computer program which you had which was monitoring your computer in the background, and automatically blocking unauthorized access as well as recording all those who were trying to secretly gain access, noting exactly which corporations and agencies were deviously trying to access you computer files. And after much research of those companies, I tracked them all down to just three main global intelligence agencies: British Intelligence, US Naval Intelligence and Israeli Intelligence.

Well since then, I have “Google-Earthed” (which we didn’t have then) the official registered addresses of those surveillance companies by checking the US Company Records Office:

Here are some examples of what I amazingly found:

1) Moore-Wilson New Media Limited: This company, headquartered in London is the chief rat in the cupboard. The company is a global leading digital online marketing agency with offices in Covent Garden and Salisbury. Through the company’s subsidiary, WebtraffIQ, it operates a giant analytics system and does a large amount of intelligence gathering for the British Secret Intelligence Service, Government Communications Headquarters etc. One of WebtraffIQ’s customers alone is Momentum Worldwide which collects data from 81 offices in 61 countries. Moore Wilson also runs Chatham House’s website and as you know, Chatham House controls the United States Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, and therefore the political policies of the world. Moore Wilson also does work for the European Commission as well!

2) Israeli Government Network: As you know the Israelis are less devious and just try to access your computer directly as was noted numerous times on your printout. Incidentally, I have since discovered that the Israeli Government Network is the primary agency used to conduct surveillance on the web for Israel and they have been caught out ALTERING Wikipedia listings that criticize Israel. They of course are not the only ones doing this. Last night (can you believe it!)

Linked to this, I had a telephone call from an Israeli Messianic believer who told me that now Mossad and their Government intelligence surveillance is so bad she cannot risk sending me any emails or even giving me her email address, and everything of importance cannot be discussed over the phone and all important communications must be done through the regular mail.

3) Performance Systems International: If you remember, Performance Systems International came up a lot. This one was very difficult. At first I couldn’t trace it as it is being used as a front company to make them difficult to track. Then through the U.S. Company Records Office I found out that it was not a currently registered company but was subcontracted to a certain Newport Telecommunications Company. In turn, through TELKONET INC., specializing in financial statements on U.S. companies, I found out that it was owned by Newport Associates Development Company that specializes in data processing, and on I discovered that it was started in 2007, its annual sales were $52,000 and it had ONE employee with its office at: 100 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07097-0001, United States. offices next to Morgan Stanley and partly used by US Naval Intelligence. The Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment at the U.S. Naval War College Code 34 is actually based nearby at 686 Cushing Road, Newport, RI 02841 but they have a lot of sub-contractors collecting intelligence for them nearby. If you remember, Opera Software ASA showed up a lot too, and they also collect a lot of data for both American and British intelligence agencies. Well Opera partners in its intelligence gathering activities with Adobe, IBM, Google and Nokia. on top of this, at the time the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Opera was Erik C. Harrell, formerly Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at JP Morgan in New York, while JP Morgan Chase is the biggest shareholder of Opera and Morgan Stanley is the sixth, indirectly all controlled from the City of London.

So now, we all shouldn’t be too surprised to see, with the benefit of hindsight and appreciation of what in actual fact has been brewing for a long time in relation to just ourselves and other whistleblowers, that this Anglo/American oligarchy of evil is now rapidly growing into a global, FASCIST, Surveillance Police State of tyranny encapsulated in this new legislation by British PM David Cameron, whose Jewish family have sat on the Board of Standard Chartered Bank, second to HSBC, the biggest drug laundering cartel in world history!

Google-Earth the addresses – you will get a shock!

Of course, in 7 or 8 years things have got much worse. However, without the incredible power of the Internet you would never ever have been able to find these things out, hence why they now need these new Nazi police state type powers. As I’ve said before, the only devil more cunning, more evil, more devious than a Catholic Pope is an apostate Protestant Sovereign, and my, have we got that now!


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