Prince Charles Devious Control of the World Through PWBLF

Thought you might like to be updated on the PWBLF, thanks to the work of the late Joan Veon. First founded and headed by Prince Charles and called the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum, then later called the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, then later renamed the International Business Leaders Forum and finally, on October 2013, it was totally reformed (because of people like us exposing Prince Charles’s immense global power and control over it controlling most of the big multinational banks and companies throughout the world) to now become IBLF Global – NOW WITH ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION OF PRINCE CHARLES’ INVOLVEMENT WITH IT WHATSOEVER and the previous massive international corporate membership list of corporations and banks who are members of it has been removed!!!!! Now that is DECEPTION with a capital ‘D.’ Note IBLF GLOBAL is now connected with business activities in Switzerland too! Hitler was a kindergarten child compared to this little lot!

Question: How many people in Germany truly understood what Hitler was doing at the beginning? Same now.

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