The 20 Week Abortion Ban is Just a Few Votes Short in the Senate


Dear Pro-Life American,

The House of Representatives just passed a ban on abortions after twenty weeks of pregnancy.

Now, the baby killers on the Left are rallying to stop this legislation in the Senate.

I estimate that we could be just a few votes shy of a majority in the Senate right now. So anything we can do to ratchet up the public pressure on these politicians could make all the difference.

Please help Operation Rescue stand up for life. Help us lobby the members of the Senate to pass the most important piece of pro-life legislation in years.

Please make a generous donation to our national grassroots campaign for life right now.

Now that pro-life Republicans control the U.S. Senate, this is our best chance in years to pass this bill.

Polls show the American people are becoming more and more disgusted by the murder of innocent babies.

The House of Representatives just passed this bill. Four Democrats even voted for it.

If we can just show the Senators that little babies feel pain after 20 weeks, we can help pass this bill and save millions of innocent lives.

Please give whatever you can.

If you care about protecting life. I need your help now.

If you want to stand up to the culture that worships death and abortion, just click here.

This is an historic opportunity to protect innocent life. The vote in the Senate is very, very close.

The fact is, while all abortion is murder, after 20 weeks it is both TORTURE and MURDER.

By 20 weeks, babies feel every bit of the excruciating pain and agony that comes with the brutal abortion procedure. And it’s time we stood up and defended them.

That is our message for the Senators.

We’ve already identified the “swing votes” on this issue.

We want to bombard them with facts and true stories about the horrors of abortions.

But I desperately need your financial help to do it.

Hillary Clinton is already campaigning hard against this bill. She and her evil allies at NARAL and Planned Parenthood support torturing babies to death.

They will do anything to stop this historic pro-life measure.

However, with your help and God’s good grace, we can stand up for life and defeat this evil.

Please, prayerfully donate whatever you can right now.

This is the most important pro-life vote in years!

Please do whatever you can. And please pray for our success and all the victims of abortion.


Troy Newman

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