Proposals For Forced Vaccination


Here is a stunning report about what they are planning to do:

Here is a list of some of the 271 new vaccines in development awaiting approval by the CDC – from the pharmaceutical mafia themselves!!!!!! Almost unbelievable, and totally ridiculous! If you will believe this incredible number of vaccines is good for your health – you will believe anything!

[See “VACCINES IN DEVELOPMENT” pages 13 – 32]

You would think with this many in the process of awaiting approval to soon be added to the schedule people would all now finally wake up and smell a rat. But no. The only way most people will wake up, if they ever will, is when they, or their own children or grand-children actually end up with a severe vaccine damaged condition such as autism or some other severe neurological damage. Then. Maybe, they may start to wake up and realize they have been consistently lied to by experts!

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