NATO Chief Reacts to Russian Surprise Military Exercises

Email Correspondence…

Special Greetings Jack,

Thank you for your superb many emails from below which I pass on to other friends over here in Germany. Your emails warning about vaccines and LEDs have been outstanding and provocative to be sure and I have at least ten people including myself, my own family and my own wife a university professor, already who have heeded your warnings and decided to agree with you. The statistics regarding autism are almost unbelievable. I have further done research of my own on autism motivated by your emails and discovered that there is a trend by the pharmaceutical companies propaganda machine and WHO to increasingly redirect the blame for the massive increase in autism on genetics, glyphosate spray, food additives, lack of proper nutrition et al. But this is a total deception. Granted, a handful of children have got autism and other neurological conditions who have not been vaccinated. But the fact remains in 1970 while the rate was 1 in 10,000 it is now in the U.S. as at 2010 1 in 68 and rising fast yet in countries such as Sweden with a lower number of vaccines, yet with a similar diet to everybody else, on their schedule the autism rate is much lower and coincides, as do many other similar locations I have looked at, exactly with the numbers of vaccines administered. So the simple answer is that you are 100% correct – it is the vaccines almost entirely that are directly creating the neurological damage and problems. The only question I cannot answer is why boys generally have a higher rate of autism than girls as you mentioned in one of your emails in New Jersey in the U.S. it is now 1 in 28 where in 2010 the national average rate was 1 in 68.

The LED question and your book I find so amazing and it is already a lot of people are thinking something is terribly wrong with the light. Unfortunately a lot of people do not read extensively anymore and therefore remain ignorant. As an aeronautical engineer, for about 20 years I knew already about the serious dangers of blue light toxicity and importance of deleting it from instrument panels but never ever realized white LEDs are made with blue light LEDs producing a seriously damaging blue light spike which when one stops to think about it it is logical. In The Light Bulb Mafia book, which I have downloaded and read, what you said about blue light affecting airline pilots is superb but still not recognized unfortunately by the profession as all the emphasis is focussed on UV A, B, and C. Also in Germany and Europe a lot of people are complaining of the bright dazzling LED and Laser Diode headlights that again you correctly warn of in your book is the blue light spike causing optical dazzle and irradiance. Unfortunately, if people will not read or look at independent websites not run by mainstream organizations, they will continue to be totally mind-controlled by the big business media. I am sure it is the same here in Europe as in New Zealand.

Today I was looking at this issue about growing numbers of military exercises in eastern Europe and thought you might be interested in this article. While I was sceptical at first, I am beginning to think, like many others here have for some time, we are right now at the doorsteps of the possible beginning of WW3 or at least a major global conflagration.

There is no question now if the Anglo/American maniacs continue to push through NATO to deliberately create war (because that is what they are doing), and their plans to occupy Ukraine continues as it is, added to the relentless campaign to try to isolate and intimidate Russia [and China] – sooner or later the Russian bear is going to put its foot down. Of course, it may not happen, but if one wanted to deliberately lead the world into full-scale war one could not do a better job than the Americans are doing at present. By intimidating Russia through these outrageous NATO exercises so close to Russia’s borders as is happening at present, it is hard to see how Russia and China will just sit by and do nothing for ever.

A few months ago, I felt you brilliantly drew the biblical prophetic analogy of the bear representing Russia, with also the nation having the exact same characteristics of a literal bear, and I totally agree with you having spent some time in Russia myself. The Russian personality is truly like a bear, totally independent, bold, ruthless, fiercely proud of its culture and heritage and territory, and will fight to the death if need be as we Germans above all plainly know. If you have ever seen a bear intimidated or upset when someone ventures too close to its territory you can appreciate what is happening now. As you have previously said, a bear’s main attack is almost always preceded by a series of “snap’’” mock attacks (as is happening at present). Then, usually, when you least expect it, and think its movements will only be another mock attack, most people severely underestimate the speed at which a ‘clumsy and awkward’ bear can run, while it can outrun a racehorse, it will keep on coming at you and kill you quickly if you are unprepared. This is the sort of scenario I see happening.

Further, my own view, very similar to your own, I think with the increasing instability in the ME, including more importantly Saudi Arabia which is not even being publicized, Yemen, the possible disintegration of the euro, with potential drastic political realignments in Europe, possible withdrawal of UK from EU, crisis in Ukraine, events in Greece, the impending collapse of the U.S. dollar, the current overvalued global stocks and bonds markets, the world flooded in debt, it would not now take a very big event to trigger the downfall of the whole sand castle and almost overnight potentially the global outlook could easily change dramatically. While I have perhaps a little bit been like yourself and thought the sand castle would have collapsed long before now, it seems now everything is quickly coming to a head. As everybody is so comfortable, prosperous now and relatively unconcerned I feel we are in a similar time slot that existed just prior to 1929 in Germany.

We were talking about the power of your emails the other night and my wife suggested I email you with our deepest gratitude for your work, for speaking up and those who support you.

Unfortunately, we feel the majority of people simply now will never appreciate the priceless, profound work you and other independent researchers and whistle-blowers like you do, as most people are so preoccupied with trivial things, indoctrinated now by the mass media and government very much like the situation was in the Third Reich, but now global. For us in Germany, who should above all people know better, it is true also to our shame and very disheartening. But nevertheless there are still a minority of people left who are deeply interested and independently agreeing with you, which is encouraging.

Thank you again.

Best wishes.


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