Latest Major British Propaganda Movie “Spy”

(Note: Already 3,024,235 watches of SPY movie trailer already here on YouTube)

Watched this movie today. What a shocker. A lot of foul language which upset me, however, it is still a MAJOR propaganda movie, with the main message in the plot presaging British Intelligence, Military Intelligence 6 (MI-6) and CIA operatives working hand in hand to save New York City from being destroyed by a powerful suitcase nuke. (One of many movies that do so by the way).

The Director, Producer and writer of the script is the American Jew (who should know better), Paul Feig. The movie is a “female JAMES BOND” action comedy starring Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper, a super-spy working for the CIA and unwittingly MI-6.

The idea of converting James Bond into a “female spymaster” and heroine into an “action comedy” comes directly from Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda and National Enlightenment in Nazi Germany- who believed that it was important for all good propaganda to be good entertainment, particularly in the form of comedy.

Actually, the movie is a prelude to the next (24th) major propaganda James Bond film titled Spectre scheduled to be released on 6 November 2015. All these films are major British propaganda films preparing the world to worship a “007” spymaster and global SAVIOR!

We remember, Ian Fleming, who wrote the James Bond books, modelled his character James Bond on John Dee the founder of British Intelligence, secret agent, and top spy of Elizabeth I, whose secret code name was 007. John Dee was also the first alchemist to use the term “British Empire” to refer to a British colonial and financial plan to control the world under a Rosicrucian (later Freemasonry) New World Order, accelerated under the reign of Elizabeth I who opened the world’s first Stock Exchange. The CIA in the United States, although a giant organization in itself, is merely a sub-branch of British Intelligence, with the CIA’s logo taken from the ceiling in the Great Hall, United Grand Masonic Lodge of England, Great Queen Street, London.

Ian Fleming was a member of the enormously powerful Scottish Fleming family who owned the asset manager and merchant bank Robert Fleming & Co, based in London, which was sold to Chase Manhattan Bank for $7.7 billion in 2000. Flemings were a 50% partner in the Asian investment bank Jardine Fleming. Flemings have associated business connections with Jardine Matheson Holdings a giant conglomerate incorporated in the tax haven of Bermuda with its primary listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Jardines were one of the original Hong Kong trading houses in imperial China, similar to HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank (of which the current British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Jewish family have sat on the Board of Directors), that were established by making huge profits in trading smuggled opium to China. Today Jardines own and control a huge amount of business in China and right across Asia. In 2013 their revenue income was US$61.38 billion, and both Jardine Matheson and Jardine Strategic are among the top 200 publicly traded companies in the world by market capitalization. As at March 2014 Jardines had 390,000 employees.

Today, Jardines is controlled by the Scottish Keswick family, who are direct descendants of William Jardine’s sister Jean through the marriage of her daughter to Thomas Keswick, father of William Keswick. Sir Henry Keswick is Chairman. During the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey in 1953, Henry Keswick was a page to Field Marshall Alan Brooke during the ceremony.

Sir Henry’s younger brother, Sir John Chippendale “Chips” Lindley Keswick, is a former director and chairman of Hambros Bank, and is currently a non executive director of a number of giant companies including DeBeers Sa., Investec Bank, and Persimmon Plc. He has been a director of the Bank of England since 1993, as was his father Sir William between 1955 and 1973. Sir John “Chips” Keswick’s wife, Lady Sarah Keswick, is a long-time childhood close personal friend of Prince Charles, who still today is a regular fishing companion of HRH The Prince of Wales who often stays at her and Chip’s secluded estate in Scotland.

Have written a lot about this before in various books. Here is a short clip from one of them someone has posted on the Internet:

THESE ARE SOME OF THE LEADING INDIVIDUALS SURROUNDING THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY WHO ARE AT THE TOP OF THIS OLIGARCHICAL PYRAMID MIND-CONTROLLING THE WORLD – through insidious “James Bond” movies like this – that now almost GUARANTEE New York or another major US city in the not too distant future are going to be “nuked.” The Germans were deceived by Joseph Goebbels’ cunning propaganda. Now it is the entire world. Are you and your family one of them? You know, it shouldn’t be the case I know, but the stark reality is most people never learn!

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