Prince Charles: Heir to Dracula’s Blood Line

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So now, we quite remarkably, have Prince Charles, the literal direct descendant of Dracula himself, already by far the most powerful man in the world, controlling virtually every major bank and corporation in the world through his International Business Leaders Forum (recently renamed), and the Monarchy’s City of London Corporation through its TWELVE GREAT COMPANIES and their subsidiaries controlling the entire commerce of the globe. We have the Prince of Wales coat of arms also being symbolized by a Red Dragon, we have the City of London Corporation also represented by the same Red Dragon, supported by its two demon-deities in Guildhall, Gog and Magog. Don’t believe me, Google it and have a look at them on YouTube. They were prophesied to come over two thousand years ago!

I did, many years ago, read about the leading Nazis getting involved in this sort of blood-drinking and occult madness? But an apostate Protestant Prince? – surely not him too?

Funny how this sort of thing usually misses the totally censored and controlled 6 O’clock news! You know, child sacrifice and blood-drinking by the oligarchy at the top including the Royal Family has been going on in the City of London Mansion House and Guildhall for many years, only they haven’t told you about it yet!

My, my, what a great lot of misfits we’ve now got running the show. Wonder what will be next?


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