US Considers Storing Heavy Weapons in Baltic and Eastern Europe

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Just thought I’d very briefly summarize this amazing edition of The New Zealand Herald newspaper today, to illustrate a few crazy headline articles which show how utterly mad the entire human race is becoming. Yes, we’re a small little country down under, and our figures are much lower than big countries, but we are proportionally just as corrupt and insane as everybody else:

1. Front page headline: Meet NZ’s best-paid bosses: Revealed, average salary for NZX 50 CEOs is now $1.64 million. (My comment: while many people under them are still working for just $15.00 per hour!). Sound typical? Having read all Karl Marx’s books, his statement, “the capitalists will finally get so greedy they will provide the rope to hang themselves”) sounds like it is getting close.

2. Page A8: US urged to fast-track TPP: “Setback in Congress puts Trans Pacific Partnership on the line, says trade minister:” (As you all know, the TPP will transfer the sovereignty of entire nations to fascist City of London Corporation Anglo/American multinational corporations, and is being led by New Zealand’s PM John Key and Trade Minister Tim Grocer, City of London banking puppets).

3. Page A17: US eyes Baltic deployment: The article begins, “The Pentagon is “poised” to station heavy weapons for up to 5,000 American troops in several Eastern European and Baltic countries to deter Russian aggression, the New York Times reported,” etc. (My comment: WHAT on earth do they think they are doing? Who do you think these US (in truth Anglo/American) imbeciles are kidding? Talk about playing with fire and deliberately provoking Russia into WW3. Unbelievable! Haven’t you brain-dead misfits read about Russia’s new hi-tech weapons, or even its new series of thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles called RS-24 Yars???? I must briefly illustrate the enormous power of these incredible missiles. The power of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 12.5 kilotons and Nagasaki was 20 kilotons ending WW2 . Well these RS-24 Yars missiles can carry up to 10 independently targetable warheads or at least 4 MIRVs with 300 kiloton nuclear warheads each. This giant missile weighs 49 tonnes and travels at speed Mac 20 or 24,500 km/h. In other words, put simply, just one of these missiles fired from Moscow, would take only about 20-minutes to travel the 7816 km (or 4244.2 nautical miles) distance to reach Washington DC with 60 times the power of the nuclear bomb that devastated Nagasaki at the end of WW2. If the four 300 kiloton independently targetable warheads were to separate, as they can, the entire cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC and New York altogether could be totally wiped off the map with just ONE MISSILE!!! – and now Russia has dozens of them!!!!!! As I’ve said before. Play Russian roulette too often and you are bound to pay for it! Really, DO WE ALL WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE THIS QUICKLY? SERIOUSLY? All I can say is God help us all. And please, please, don’t ever try to tell me if any of our own fascist Anglo/American NATO allies get hit they didn’t deserve it! Morons!

4. Page A19: Pope gets political in green cause: “Powerful encyclical covering environment expected to add weight to December’s climate change summit. Pope Francis will this week try to influence a global agreement on climate change” “Circulated to the church’s 5,000 bishops and 400,000 priests, it is a call to action for the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics. Prayer vigils and pilgrimages, protests and policy briefings have all been prepared, as environmentalists and the faithful alike seek to maximise its leverage. The Pope himself will front up to the campaign, travelling to the US in September to speak to the United Nations and metaphorically entering the lion’s den by addressing Congress …” (Comment: I thought the great commission of the Christian church was to preach the gospel of Christ – not to follow a Marxist ‘unholy white monkey’ pontificating about Climate Change and Global Warming leading his pastoral sheep into the arms of the United Nations, founded and run by dedicated Marxists and Communists. Of course, under the Nazis too, environmentalism was used to deceive Germans to worship Hitler as well). As I say. Are we all going mad?????

5. Page A19: It’s time for a female president of the US, says Clinton: (My comment: Watch the 12-part 12.5 hour mini-series on Youtube released in 1987, presaging a woman (HILLARY CLINTON) as not US President, but the new “Governor General” of the new sovietized North American Union when the United States is abolished. In the next Hunger Games movie scheduled to be released in November 2015, Hillary Clinton is characterized as a woman president leading the rebels against the Government as the US is broken up into about ten or twelve administrative districts or regions). And by the way, Hillary is being funded by Lyn Forrester Rothschild. I will leave it at that.

And on top of this charade, I went into Bunnings today to stock up on twisted candle incandescent light bulbs for my five 24-light chandeliers, and behold – they have been obsoleted already!

I think I’ll still be able to get halogen candle bulbs from another source if I’m quick, but if not, it will be cheaper to scrap the 5 light fittings altogether, as LEDs (which will send you blind and I would never have them in my house anyway) are about $20 each so would cost $480 to replace the bulbs on each light fitting or $2400 just to change the light bulbs – to send you blind into the bargain! The revolutionary change to LEDs is getting so so fast, in just one shop today, Mitre Ten Mega, I noticed they were removing all incandescent wall light displays altogether and replacing them with new LEDs. Incredible, since I have written a book predicting it would happen before 2020 – but not this fast now! The pace of change is truly accelerating faster than even I had ever envisaged. Yet nobody seems alarmed. Am I going mad or is everybody else mad?

And by the way. I’ve a little bit of good news for you if you live down under. The RS-24 Yars has an operational range around 11,000 kms (6,800 miles) so I think we’re just a little bit out of range down here – for now at least, or until their radioactive fallout hits us too. Now I know why some former senior US government and IMF officials have been buying properties here in Tauranga lately. But seriously, I’m not too sure if it will do them any good, because if Uncle Sam gets a cough we normally get the flu.

But funny how rats always abandon ship before it goes down. A good sign the vessel is soon going down, I would have thought.

Now do have a nice week won’t ya all.

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