Get Involved and Help Stop Mandatory Vaccination!

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April 8, 2015: Laura Hayes Gives Inspiring Speech In Sacramento

Get Involved and Help Stop Mandatory Vaccination!


In order to stop mandatory vaccination from happening in your state, there are three things you must do:

1) Educate yourself about the topic (this website is a great starting point),
2) Educate your friends and others about the topic so they will get involved (send them to this website), and
3) Educate your legislators about this topic in such a way that they will vote no on any and all bills that would mandate vaccination for the populace.

In order to educate your legislators, we have compiled a list of groups and/or organizations which are actively engaged in defeating anti-exemption bills and/or related vaccination bills so that you can select one or several to get involved with.

Stop Mandatory Vaccination Social Networks

Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
YouTube Channel:

We recommend that everyone sign up for action alerts at:

Autism Action Network

National Vaccine Information Center Advocacy Portal

Vaccine Rights Exemptions & Waivers

Specialty Groups and Associations



State-by-State Groups and more click here.

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