Greek Debt Crisis: Why We Should All Fear ‘Red Betty’

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Thought this article was particularly revealing about the Greek PM Alexis Tspiras and partner ‘Red Betty’ Batziana today – giving some insight into what may come shortly regarding the Greek financial crisis connected to their Greek paganism and pro-Russian communist leanings. Note in the article, they have two sons, Phoebus aged 5 and Orpheus aged 3.

In pagan Greek mythology, the supreme sun-god and Father of the gods was Zeus (now indisputably the supreme god of the United Nations where a large statue of him stands in the UN Headquarters lobby in New York), and his favourite son was therefore Apollo, because he was the god of light, who was often called Phoebus-Apollo because Phoebus was the ‘light bringer.’ The Greek god Phoebus’s Roman equivalent is LUCIFER. In the English-speaking, or Christian world, can you ever imagine someone calling their firstborn son LUCIFER? Because that’s what the new Greek PM and his partner ‘Red Betty’ have done!!!! So let’s continue a little further.

The Biblical prophecies about Lucifer were made by the prophet Isaiah (760-698 BC) in Isaiah chapter 14. The first verse commences, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations.” Apollo is just another name for the Greek god Apollyon in the book of Revelation whose name literally means ‘destroyer.’ In the early Christian Church, Lucifer, Phoebus and Apollo were all seen as different personifications of the Devil. For over 2000 years all doctors have taken the Hyppocratic Oath on graduation, in which they give their allegiance to Apollo. So isn’t it rather strange that events currently transpiring in GREECE now are involving a new Greek prime minister and wife who worship such a deity, and have even called their son after him!

The other son they have interestingly named Orpheus after the Greek god Orpheus. In pagan Greek mythology, Orpheus’s father is sometimes said to be Oeagrus and at other times is said to be Apollo. Orpheus is said to have established the worship of Hecate in Aegina. So who is Hecate? She is the dark moon Serpent Goddess, who is the Queen of Witches and Queen of Hell! In ancient statues she is usually shown with a writhing snake or serpent draped about the neck. In the modern world, the only woman alive who fulfils her monumental Satanic role is the current Prince of Wales’ wife, CAMILLA. If you take a close look at women’s magazines on the web, almost on all important occasions you will see Camilla actually wearing Hecate’s Diamond-studded Serpent necklace to symbolize her global role.

Interesting how all this just happens to be occurring in Greece now. In Bible prophecy, Greece is the anti-type of the United States of America, but that is another story for another day.

Also, at the same time all this is happening, LED lighting is beginning to flood the whole world by shining toxic blue light from blue/white LEDs through a yellow PHOSPHOR lens ultimately causing blindness on everyone, produced by the Global Lighting Association which originally was founded in 1924 as the Phoebus Cartel.

Interesting eh?

Subject: Re: Greek debt crisis: why we should all fear ‘Red Betty’ – Telegraph


Here in Switzerland they are writing today, that it is not sure if the Greek banks will open on Monday…. (And many countries — including New Zealand — also some European Union countries are implementing rapidly “bail-in” laws. “Bail-in” means, that your money in your bank can be used to save your bank from collapse. Cyrus is greeting!!

(Also in Austria where my wife and most of the children are living this could happen — in the very near future).

By the way the Swiss army will have a big maneuvre in September about a possible collapse of the European Union and the unrest it could unfold…


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