The Network of Global Corporate Control

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Subject: The Network of Global Corporate Control


Thanks for this informative update from her Kevin re US. Remember, she is not who she claims to be, but is a City of London Jewry British “disinformation agent” whose primary mission is to point the blame for the soon-coming economic collapse to the corporate elite, Vatican and Jesuits.

While informing the world of the need to abolish the US dollar and move through her “Coalition for the Rule of Law” to the final transition towards the new economic order and global currency system soon she neglects to mention City of London Jewry’s pivotal part in it. Her Jewish husband, you will remember I found out a couple of years ago when I did research into her, actually does most of the legal work for transferring the world’s wilderness areas into UN Heritage Reserves which previously the late Edmund de Rothschild wanted to become the collateral to issue the final world cashless electronic global currency system. She is very careful to keep him and her family secret. I must see if I can find out more about what she calls her “Global Debut Facility.”

However, still some good info in her presentation if you are aware of who she really is. I thought it was interesting that she said Germany is going to leave NATO and align with Russia soon. This will throw the cat among the pigeons in the EU. What’s happening this weekend in Greece could be the catalyst. She will deceive most people though – very clever.

Momentous times. The whole stack of cards could blow anytime now, although they want a managed transition, it may turn out to be far from that, but we will just have to wait and see.


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