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This draconian bill, under the guise of “cracking down on cyber-bullying,” was passed into law here in New Zealand yesterday.

It introduced wide-ranging police state powers that will criminalize any online communications deemed deliberately harmful. Unfortunately, there is no clear definition in the bill of what actually constitutes what is harmful and is a criminal offence, yet it is punishable by up to two years in prison or a maximum fine of $50,000. It will now be a criminal offence to send any messages or post any material online that is intended to cause harm, but what exactly is considered “harmful” or “offensive speech” is not specifically mentioned and is so vague it could apply to almost anything. The Bill will also give the Government agency responsible for enforcing it the dictatorial power to force all Internet providers, Facebook, Google and the like to remove any communication or posting that it considers is harmful and the person who has posted the information on the web and is alleged to have committed an offence, effectively is presumed guilty and has no defence.

In short, this Bill is even more evil and draconian than even Hitler’s Nazi laws against free speech or any criticism of the Third Reich. So if you think the soon-coming New World Order and future for your children and grand children is fine – rest assured, it absolutely is not as they are going to be enslaved in a system of tyranny no less than the Germans were under Hitler! These laws are being introduced now quietly, while the mindless sheep and members of the general public are largely mesmerized by sports and entertainment, and who all have no idea in the world what is soon coming.

If you are interested, go into this link [above] and then read exactly what the NZ Law Society’s submission on the Bill says – simply mind boggling! – yet not a single mention about it by the New Zealand fascist media that have censored it completely. And paradoxically, all this introduced by a New Zealand Jewish Prime Minister, John Key, whose mother was a Holocaust survivor. What an utter disgrace. What a disgrace on all of us.

And by the way, the Bill passed into law in its Third Reading 116 votes in favour to 5 votes against, almost the entire Parliament, including most members of all political parties, effectively proving they’re all professional criminals irrespective of their party. As I’ve said before, this is why I don’t vote.

So now, effectively, if you criticize anyone, your neighbour, a company employee or boss, girlfriend or boyfriend, you open yourself up to potentially being charged. And worse, for example, if you criticize Auckland Super City Mayor Brown for having steamy sexual relations with his young Hong Kong honey in his mayoral office all day as he has been doing, instead of praising him up for his 9 per cent annual rates rise on the rate-paying sheep, or if you question the Prime Minister about his secret Blind Trust and why he holds shares in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or any of his other business activities, you may be arrested forthwith, fined $50,000 and thrown into the slammer for 2 years for simply asking “why” in any brief online comment?

Good evening.

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