TPP Passes: Obama Now A Dictator

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Hi US friends,


Since nobody, as yet, in the entire US, a country of over 300 million sheeple, seems to have woken up yet to the fact that New Zealand, on behalf of City of London Corporation banks and multinational corporations under the control of the British Sovereign, now effectively controls the US President and Congress, through the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) just passed this week in Washington – I thought I would briefly give you a couple of links to help you appreciate how we, with only 4.5 million people, now indirectly control the trade policies of the US Congress. Yes I know it seems hard to believe but here are a few shocking facts:

(1) Here on this recent 7-minute YouTube clip (June 24, 2015) earlier this week in New Zealand is an interview by TV host Paul Henry with Hon. Tim Groser (current New Zealand Trade Minister) and author of the TPP speaking about why he thought President Barack Obama was going to pass and fast-track the TPP.

(2) If you Google “[PDF] US-NZ Council Report – United States/New Zealand Council” you will be able to see all the names of American leaders that have betrayed you and sold you down the TPP drain. New Zealanders will also be able to view all their own corporate misfits on the lists as well. As you will see, New Zealand’s seduction of American leaders through the United States/New Zealand Council has been going on for a very long time.

(3) Here is another short YouTube clip titled, Rachel Maddow: Elizabeth Warren says “Secret TPP Trade Deal” is RIGGED!

(4) Here is another YouTube clip, TPP- Wikileaks has released another bombshell.

(5) Now if you do further research, you will find that New Zealand diplomat and MP Hon. Tim Groser is actually a Scotsman, and he spends an awful lot of spare time at Chatham House, formerly called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in London, that indirectly controls political and economic policies of the world, and lest we forget, the United States Council on Foreign Relations and Institutes of International Affairs in most countries. Primary aim: to transfer all the state and private assets of the world to City of London-controlled multinational banks and corporations, while destroying national sovereignty, instituting a new flag, prior to moving the entire government to the communist United Nations.

If you’re a patriotic American, please don’t get too hot under the collar about Obama and your Congress in Washington D.C. (District of Criminals) passing the TPP transferring powers to multinational corporations pushed by puppet New Zealand politicians and diplomats. Because the same cheeky gang of New Zealand seafaring pirates perpetrating the TPP, are in fact soon going to be fleecing their own general public flocks in New Zealand through it also.

Why is this TPP so important? Well, the TPP Agreement is being linked with other global laws enunciated in the UN Charter, GATT, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and other similar FASCIST agreements and organizations, to give London-controlled multinational banks and corporations legal rights over and above sovereign, national governments – soon to form the most evil and tyrannical global dictatorship this world has ever known.

And yet, not even one word about it, or even the Greece financial crisis and EU meetings (that one would have thought was important news), on all the New Zealand big three corporate TV news channels this weekend, except for endless trivia and sport, and, oh lest we forget, the main overseas news was staged propaganda of an actor masquerading as a crazed Islamic gunman with an AK-47 hanging from his shoulder walking along a beach before he supposedly shot a number of people, a clip of big grizzly glaring into a car in Yellowstone National Park looking for food (hardly major international news?), all as per normal, designed to keep the simple-minded sheep further endlessly dumbed down until their impending day of reckoning when they will be all en masse entirely fleeced completely.

All this going on right in front of us all and yet hardly a peep from anyone!

My, my, what a giant lunatic asylum we’ve got developing, getting fuller by the day, with most members of the general public now lining up for the mass psychiatric shock treatment yet soon to come.

But seriously, you’ve got to admit, the lady in Buckingham Palace with the pearls and funny hat, an apostate Protestant, modern Queen Jezebel, with her oligarchy of evil in the City of London, her fellow Marxist Catholic white monkey in the Vatican pushing Prince Charles’ policies on Sustainable Development and Climate Change as well – are extremely clever and ingenious aren’t they?. I mean. Even Hitler was not this evil, deceptive, and diabolically cunning.

Good evening all.

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