Princess Charlotte Christened at Royal Ceremony

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Princess Charlotte – Prince Charles occult Baptism

Having previously written about why Prince Charles is the likely candidate for the soon-coming global roll of the Bible’s prophesied ANTICHRIST ( a word which most Christians understand to mean “in place of Christ” ), I was intrigued to observe in this article in this morning’s The New Zealand Herald, 6 July 2015, this statement: “Following royal tradition holy water from the River Jordan, where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, was used for the baptism.” The online article here contains only the summarised version, and the physical newspaper version here in New Zealand said both the Queen and Prince Charles had been baptised with this same ritual.

So now we have the completed picture:

1) Prince Charles was baptised like Christ in the literal waters of the River Jordan.

2) He was enthroned on a Druid, witchcraft altar, as Prince of Wales, surrounded by resplendent Red Dragons’’.

3) He has the Red Dragon on his Coat of Arms.

4) As the world’s ‘Green Prince’, he is the instigator of the term ‘Sustainable Development’ and champion of ‘Climate Change’ – now being pushed by the invalid Pope. Literally the ‘false prophet.’ The Latin word ‘Vatican’ means ‘PROPHET.’

5) Through his Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum (since renamed) he now controls almost every major bank and corporation in the world.

6) Through his many charities, he heads all the world’s big charity organisations.

7) Through his Princes Trust, linked with transnational corporations, he is becoming the global champion of all young people throughout the world.

8) If he takes over his mother’s role as head of the City of London Corporation, he will soon personally soon own the whole world.

9) The English name CHARLES literally means ‘A MAN’ . Remember, Christ said, “If A MAN gain the whole world and yet lose his own soul what does it profit him.” In Revelation 13:16-18, the prophecy about no man being able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast in the forehead or right hand tells us the mark will be the number of A MAN, in English, CHARLES. Charlotte is the female equivalent. In Israel today, the Hebrew word ‘Ish’ for Charles, in fact in the Bible is translated to A MAN. These two Hebrew letters look identical to the two English letters, UN (short for United Nations).

10) Judas Iscariot name, (the betrayer of Christ), actually literally means, “A MAN OF JUDAH.” The British Royal Family, through the control of British Israel World Freemasonry, claim to be ruling on the Throne of Judah. That’s why they use the Lion of Judah as their symbol, and have David’s harp on their Coat of Arms.

11) Jesus Christ, the true King of kings, came not as an early king to save the world, but as a “Suffering Servant.” The Prince of Wales comes not as a Royal King, but as a ‘Philosopher King”, a suffering Prince to save mankind. His Prince of Wales motto is: “I SERVE.”

Interesting isn’t it?

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