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Subject: The Land of Freedom and True Democracy

Take a look at this site. There is hope out of the present financial shambles.

Other articles also appear well researched and accurate.




I’ve had numerous people send me info before on Iceland inferring they have broken away from the grip of the international Anglo/American bankers, but the truth is far from it, as Iceland is still very much controlled by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel Switzerland, in turn, itself controlled by the Bank of England. To get the real truth, go to the BIS website and then read the Governor of the Bank of Iceland’s actual reports yourself on PDF. tThe BIS controls our own reserve bank as well, as it does most others in the world including the US Federal Reserve.

Incidentally, Global Research and the Centre for Research on Globalisation is based in Montreal Canada and founded by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, a Russian, pro-Putin, Marxist Jew. His father was a [Communist] UN diplomat. A lot of his material on YouTube is broadcast on RT TV or Press TV, both global Russian Kremlin propaganda arms.

And they’re powerful. The Global Research website alone has 14 million page views per month.

However, that is not to say all they publish is not the truth, but they are very much against Anglo/American FASCISM. Global Research publishes material from such authors as Mike Adams, and Gary Null who do produce excellent material. At least you get an alternative view from our own heavily censored, corrupt, Anglo/American Fascist media and liars.

One thing for sure, we are in the middle of a full scale psychological war for the minds of every person on earth, and one needs to check everything out now before you believe anything! And it’s not easy.


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